This is Where I Draw the Line

I should have known this was going to happen. We all know I’m a cold weather running pansy right? Coupled with the fact that I don’t necessarily LOVE running on the treadmill, its safe to say that putting my butt into running gear in the winter is harder than it should be.

This morning we decided to head out to our run group, since we won’t see them for 3 [or is it 4??] Saturdays. I thought I bundled up with tights, undershirts/overshirts, and gloves; and I even put Kara in a snowsuit. I didn’t panic when we went out to the car and there was a light layer of frost over everything, nor did I panic when the temperature on the dash read 27 degrees. Prior to the run start, I even grabbed a blanket out of the car and wore it as a makeshift skirt over my legs, sipping on hot tea while I moved around to try and keep warm.

The more time that went by, the quicker my appendages seemed to go numb. By the time the run was about to start, I could no longer feel my toes. “Uuuuh, should I even try running in this condition!?” and likewise thoughts entered my mind. [not limited too, “this is crazy” and “I am going to die out here”]

I did what no one else there did – I totally punked out and went back to the car.

Let me take this moment to say, that running in anything under 35 degrees is totally out of the question. I know I grew up in Ohio, and I have definitely run in cold weather. I think what bit me in the butt was the standing around, and lack of stretching. 

Maybe I needed thicker socks. Maybe I need to finally give in and buy the ear warmers. Maybe if the sun were out it wouldn’t have been as bad. Maybe I just need to build thicker running skin. I mean, we even had guys showing up in SHORTS.

I am the worst cold weather runner ever.

This is Where I Draw the Line

8 thoughts on “This is Where I Draw the Line

  1. Me too. I can totally relate. That is why I joined a running group with a coach this winter in training for Boston – to MAKE me get out there. I am ok once I get moving, but the waiting around in the cold is what I hate. I do run faster in the Winter though usually PR-ing in all my races.

    1. Admittedly I do run faster in the cold – the double edged sword is the whole ‘lung burn’ thing. I just can’t win!! Glad you found a way to get out there, training for Boston would definitely get me out in the tundra.

  2. So I had to google 3 times to make sure I got it right, 35F is 1.67C? Like above Freezing?

    I HATE HATE HATE running in the cold, but, I mean -10C, which apparently is 14F. Anything above freezing and I’m happy.
    It’s the Canadian thing, where winter can be cold cold cold. Used to live in Montreal where it routinely was -40c with windchill, which was gross, but I still was out walking, brrrr.

    On the flip side, if I had my way I would live in the HEAT, I love running in the heat, plus 30C, 86F and I’m happy.
    Wow this converter is useful.

    1. Yep, just about freezing. Ew, when you put it that way it makes me want to rethink my rule… haha! I love running in the heat too. I just wish I could live in a 75 degree bubble with sunshine!!

  3. I used to be the same way. Luckily just recently, I bought some great cold weather running gear and now I love to run in the cold! The hardest part is getting my butt out the door for the first little bit:) Check out my wimp out post here . You will totally relate!
    I live in Washington too and it is frosty this morning. I hope to get outside for a run today if I can just get my butt out the door:)

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