Thankful Thursday

– When I catch my daughter sneaking some Running Times into her day. She’ll turn the pages, whispering “run!!!” or “the sir is running!!!” until something else catches her attention. I would be thrilled for my daughter [future children included in this sentiment] to become a runner. More importantly, I would be ecstatic for my kids to find something they love, as much as I love running. This can be fly fishing, rescuing animals, surfing, playing instruments, etc; so long as it won’t land them in jail.


– Carmex chapstick. I currently cant’ find it [!!!] but I suspect its either in my daughter’s ‘purse’, her ‘shopping cart’, or in my running cabinet. Or maybe in the car… either way… I need to find it before I run today.

– This morning I found two friend requests waiting for me on Facebook. Come to find out that one was an actual running store, while the other was an up and coming running group in the area. Call me silly, but this totally made my day. Granted, they were going off of who ‘liked’ their pages… but STILL. I was giddy about it nonetheless.

– I love that my husband takes out the recycling/trash. Even though I know Thursdays are trash day, I never remember until 8 am Thursday morning – I have a a full fledged .57 seconds of panic; until I look out and see them sitting at the end of our driveway. Phew. Thank you husband. I don’t have to endure this kind of weather in my pj’s.


– Looking at pictures from last night’s tree lighting here at Ft. Lewis. My husband is smiling, I promise. They were both giggling about something – who knows what; their little secret I suppose!


– The fact that I was able to get out yesterday morning! Yay! I had the car for a few hours and got a lot done. It was awesome to blare the radio and sing along to it with Kara; and run errands while breathing in the fresh winter air. Unfortunately things are crazy at Husband’s work, and the car has been relinquished but I’ll take what I can get!

– Dinner tonight. I don’t eat pork, but I’m making my husband’s favorite pork dish tonight; while I get to splurge on the Cecil Sammich until my pants no longer fit. I love cooking for him, and the sandwich is low key enough to where I can whip it together in about 3 minutes.

– If you are bored enough, check out the other Thankful Thursdays I have done!!

Thankful Thursday

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. VanessaG says:

    I love Thankful Thursday! I post on facebook my thankful Thursday. I posted today that I’m thankful for people who prayed for my little bro (soph at Virginia Tech) and to see if he was safe. Most of my coworkers/friends don’t even know him, but they know he’s my best friend and it meant so much to me they cared. I also posted I was thankful for my mamaw. He bday is Monday and she is who I want to be like. She’s no longer here with me, but the example she left of a woman who loved Jesus will never leave me. We are blessed! Love your blog!!

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