Nothing Happened Today


So, remember the time in Oklahoma where the blizzard came through, we were stuck in the house for like, 5 days and we watched about 4 seasons of Dexter, made pretzels and I blogged about 37 times? No? Start reading here.

Well, the current situation I am in isn’t exactly the same; but I feel just as trapped.

Ok, ‘trapped’ is taking it a little far, but still…

I don’t think I have to tell you again that we’re down to one car. For some, this might not be a big deal. Folks, I am spoiled. I like having two functioning cars, and the ability to go get eggs so that I can make brownies while husband does his work thing. But, here I sit, eggless and brownieless. And carless. My husband’s car decided it hated us, and will no longer drive around the block without shaking or throwing the “Check Engine Light” at us. Lovely, thank you. For a 2003 model, you sure suck.

Though I was home, I had numerous things to do throughout the day, and a run was always in the cards. I finally turned in an article that has been an absolute PAIN in my butt the past two weeks. I did 3 loads of laundry, and as it stands we currently do not have anything dirty anywhere. Kara and I played tons; puzzles, books, coloring and she even played quietly while I took a shower. I did research for a few more articles, and get this – I planned on running outside [please hold your applause] and even laid clothes out for the weather. Throughout the day I had random round ligament pain that would just NOT go away, and the longer it stuck around, the less enthused I was about the run. As the day went on, the mere anticipation of a run not only exhausted me, but it became almost downright nauseating to think about.

So, here I am, barely awake at just 7:30 pm. I think at this rate the dishes will stay dirty in the sink, daddy will lead to the kiddo to bedtime, and this mommy is going to head to bed. My stomach hurts [may have been the Indian food I made for dinner], I feel awful, and to be honest, I am so very glad I didn’t run. Who knows how much more exhausted and miserable I would be. Sometimes, things that aren’t meant to be; are JUST that.

To make matters more annoying, while typing up this blog post, I sneezed over 7 times and started getting downright PISSED at the situation. You know what truly sucks? The whole “I feel like I’m about to sneeze, and my nose does that weird thing that makes it look like I smelled something gross” move. *sigh*

Tomorrow is a new day.

Need to complain about nothing in particular?

Maybe complain that I complain too much?

Want to tell me I’m a pansy for not running?

Go for it – just don’t expect brownies. Hmph.

Nothing Happened Today

3 thoughts on “Nothing Happened Today

  1. Pansies are flowers, not Natalies! lol We had only one car when we first got to Bliss and I thought I was gonna go crazy. I totally get the car trouble, too. Ugh.

  2. One car does suck, I used to be a no car person, but we lived in the city core, I could walk everywhere to get anything. Now, I’m more suburban, and have twins so walking everywhere isn’t necessarily a good way to spend my time. And we go to the grocery store almost every second day, partly because they drink enormous amounts of milk, and partly because it gives us something to do, they like the grocery store.
    I hate not having my car (when my dh takes it – his is well gross – and he grabs mine when he has to have others in his vehicle).

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