Um, Water. That’s Water in There. Five!!!

Here’s a sample of what was floating around in my noggin as I tried to survive yet another day!!

– I think I’m allergic to something in my house. I sneeze uncontrollably, at least once a day – typically in the morning and later in the afternoon.

– For those with children in the household, always check the volume of your music players before turning them on. I learned this the hard way yesterday, when I thought my iPod was ‘locked’. Silly me.

– Totally forgot to mention this, but at our social on Friday night, we won two massages and a half marathon entry to the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Marathon. My husband has also won two raffles in a row on our Saturday morning raffles as well. Lucky dog.

Definitely busting out the yoga mat today.  Done and done. It felt amazing!

– I’m due May 7th. Is it crazy to look at a mid-September marathon? I know I could always bump down to the half…

– I really wish our second car would get its act together. While I don’t necessarily meander aimlessly around town, having to share a car with someone equally as busy gets to be a logistical headache!

– Little Einsteins is the cutest show out there.

– I know there’s a Runner’s World in my mailbox, but there’s not a chance that I’m running out to the ‘box’ in 29 degree weather. See? Yet another downfall to community mailboxes.

– Current craving – salads. Cannot get enough of them. Also, I cannot stop eating. I am seriously a bottomless pit.

– My heart is set on some baby names and I can’t wait until our gender reveal. 10 more days!!!! Ah!!!

– Probably won’t run Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas anytime soon, and I definitely won’t ever run a RAM race!

– I could not wait for dinner tonight. We did turkey burgers, but we also had all kinds of fixings to choose from – mushrooms, spinach, onion [red and white!], garlic, feta cheese, avocado, jalapenos… I think I’m missing something…


– This blog post title was brought to you by a two year old.

– Though dinner has been over for all of about two seconds, I’m already thinking about indulging in some ice cream tonight.

Um, Water. That’s Water in There. Five!!!

2 thoughts on “Um, Water. That’s Water in There. Five!!!

  1. runforwine says:

    If you were doing marathons before this pregancy, September is probably doable, but I’d bet October would be better and there are a ton of them to choose from that month. Are you still able to run now?

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