Sunday Night Already??

Wow what a weekend.

Friday was bananas. Husband was supposed to come home at 11 am, but that quickly turned into 6 pm… and our date night started at 8! Needless to say it was a hectic day, followed by an amazing time at our running club social. We didn’t get in until 1 am!! I can assure you, that this hasn’t happened since before Kara was born… The next morning Husband was called while at running club, and was told he was minutes into his 24 hour duty shift. *sigh* Worry not, although we missed him during the day, we had our fair share of fun.


Don’t let the pictures fool you. Guys, PARENTING IS HARD. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Saturday was especially trying, and I broke down many times. Staying up late the night before [for kiddo and I], coupled with irritability and short fuses [again, kiddo and I], Kara and I found ourselves at each other’s nerves the majority of the day. It was seriously one of the most challenging days of my short motherhood [… motherhooding?] career, and I counted the minutes down until nap/bed times. Yes, there were giggles – but just as many tears. One good nights’ sleep and everything is back to normal, thankfully!!

Today flat out rocked. Husband came home at 9 and promptly fell asleep, Kara and I played/practiced letters and ate until her naptime at noon. I decided to take advantage of the time and set out for a run.


Conditions were perfect – sunny, a little chill in the air, and… SUNNY!!! I seriously would not be surprised if I got a small tan Winking smile Before setting out on a run I always make 3 goal distances, an “A / B / C” kind of deal; “A” being the best distance and my ‘everything went amazingly right with this run’ scenario. Today I aimed for 5 — and instead  ran 6. It would have been a crime to cut it any shorter, it was that beautiful out. I started getting some round ligament pain around 4.5 in, so I took a small walk break at every half mile from then on. I can definitely feel the pregnancy taking effect on my body – my knees and ankles tend to pain a little more easily; just twinges here and there. My feet conform to shoes a little differently, and I pray that my size won’t change this time around. Anyway, walk breaks excluded, I managed to keep a 9:17 pace – I’m thrilled with it, and if I could run this effort from here on out until I have the baby, I’ll be over the moon!!

From there we went to Costco; but not before the little one took away my arm warmers!


Dinner, while low key, was epic – pizza for the Army man, about 7 bowls of salad and 3 bowls of GF spaghetti for me and a pizza/spaghetti mix for the little one. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to stretch a bit, have some ice cream, and head to bed. Hope your weekend was a great one Smile 

How was YOUR weekend?

What are your ideal running conditions?

If you could buy ONE thing from Costco/Sam’s, what would it be??

Sunday Night Already??

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Already??

  1. runforwine says:

    I’m so glad your day turned around. Somedays are rough for me too, but I always try to remind myself being unhappy is a choice. It *almost* always works.

    One thing from Costco. Blasphemy! Never.

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