21 day Yoga Journal Challenge 2012

My 2011 recap may or may not ever happen, but I DO look forward to 2012. We’ll have a new addition to the family, the Husband will be making numerous strides in his career, and I anticipate bouncing back after giving birth and finally running the marathon distance [if not longer].

These are all milestones that will be reached during various parts of the year, I do have something to look forward to during this upcoming week! Yoga Journal has posted that their 21 day challenge that starts January 9th, and I am beyond excited. I did this last year and I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. This time around I’ll ‘beware of the belly’ and definitely take measures to keep both baby and I safe.

If you are interested in joining me, you can sign up here. They have beginner and intermediate options, and…

…include[s] a daily video, weekly meditations, and daily newsletters with practice tips and recipes. Plus, all participants can set goals and track their progress, either solo or in teams, to keep motivated

Again, this starts on the 9th, so you have until next Monday to sign up 🙂

21 day Yoga Journal Challenge 2012

2011 Running Journal


I love keeping track of my runs, and I love writing so it would seem natural to me that I take my runs to pen and paper. At first, they consisted of my run’s mileage, overall time and pace; with maybe a sentence summary of my run. That did not last long. I slowly started adding in when I bought new shoes, or when I ran a new route. The space it took me to write 7 entries, now only lasts 2, sometimes 3. I love documenting everything I do on my runs; the good, the bad and the ugly. Included are not only physical observations, but emotional ones as well. While I’m saddened that another year means closing this running journal for good, I’m also ecstatic that I get to open one for 2012. I am getting excited just THINKING about which notebook I’ll even pick out for the coming year. And to decorate it!? I am nerding out hardcore. My running journal is something I look forward to seeing after every run; and even more so I love looking back on what I have accomplished during the year.

Guess I will start from the top Smile I hesitate to say I had horrible mileage in 2011. We moved from Oklahoma to Washington, I picked up a part-timish job while staying home with our daughter, I am still adapting to the weather in the Pacific Northwest and became pregnant in the fall. Throw a lack of motivation and a couple of minor injuries, and I had a pretty low key year in the terms of mileage. So try not to make fun of me, ok? Winking smile

January :: Fort Still, Oklahoma :: 70 miles. My very first run was for 6 miles on the 2nd. I had forgot my watch but had also discovered Phedippidations Podcasts, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I did what I thought was ‘speed work’ but really it was lazy and I had no idea what I was actually capable of. One of the hardest runs of my life took place this month, which you can read a crazy recap of here.

February :: Fort Sill, Oklahoma :: 44.91 miles. IT Band sidelined me for almost a couple of weeks. Here, I became super paranoid about my IT Band, and its affects on my sanity if it were to keep me from running for an even longer amount of time. During this month, I also focused a lot on exactly what I was doing with running, and the aspects of it. This laid the groundwork for the next few months; focusing on stretching, and strength training. My first run in Washington occurred here, but it was at my sister in law’s house and I don’t ‘exactly’ count it.


March :: Fort Lewis, Washington :: 36.44. We moved to Washington this month, and I wasn’t able to run for about a week. I explored the post a lot, donned with my running stroller and also joined up with Run to Remember.

April :: Fort Lewis, Washington :: 32.85. Started training for the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half. We also had our first family fun run with my Husband’s Battery, which was a blast!! I look forward to those in the future. Having my gait analyzed this month helped me increase my speed, and I cannot believe its been so long since I did this – I still focus on this on every run and it has yet to become automatic. My little brother also came home from his deployment, one of the highlights of the year.

May :: Fort Lewis // Green Lake, Washington :: 51 miles. My longest run this month was a lovely 10 miler that I chose to run with a stroller. I vividly remember this run, I actually had to take a couple of work phone calls even… Ha! I also had a few runs around Green Lake while visiting family in Seattle, which are always fun but a little cramped for my liking.

June :: Fort Lewis // McChord Air Force Base, Washington :: 35.36. I really don’t know what happened here!! Ran the half and had a couple of frustrating runs, but I also explored a bit of McChord Air Force Base.


July :: Fort Lewis, Washington :: 56.66 miles. I did Jon’s Birthday Run, and at the start of the month I took a break for knee and IT Band issues. Mid-month I was plagued yet again by these issues, and broke my mile PR [8:18] by a second; a record that still stands [currently 8:17]. I continued training for Marine Corps, and my longest run was a 12 miler at a 9:19 pace. I also started doing speed work correctly, on a track, with solid numbers; not just meandering my way through a made up treadmill session.

August :: Fort Lewis, Washington // Fort Bragg, North Carolina :: 84.68 miles. This was my highest mileage month [please don’t laugh] for the year. The first of the month brought another fun run with the Battalion, and an amazing 15 miler around Fort Lewis’ airfield. I also took a leap of faith after months of IT Band and knee issues, bought new Asics, and haven’t had an issue since. The rest of the month brought a series of runs at Fort Bragg, which I would have never survived if it weren’t for Amanda. She was/is a complete BLESSING when it came to motivation and completing our long runs.

September :: Fort Bragg, North Carolina // Fort Lewis, Washington :: 38 miles. Found out I was pregnant with Waylynn! Husband and I made the decision to not run the Marine Corps Marathon, a decision that to this day I feel confident was the right choice. My mileage suffered BIG time. Between fatigue and family visits, my butt was kicked hardcore, but I did manage two 14 mile runs.


October :: Fort Lewis, Washington :: 17 measly miles. Um, yeah. I had an amazing run, but again, the fatigue was draining me like no other.

November :: Fort Lewis, Washington :: 18 lame miles. I entered my second trimester, but could only manage a smattering of runs here and there. The blogging community was heaven sent as we ran 311.07 miles in honor of my brother. I set some goals for the pregnancy, some of which I have already met. I had a great run on Thanksgiving, which seemed to kick start a new passion for pregnant lady running. Winking smile

December :: Fort Lewis, Washington // Fayetteville, North Carolina // Dayton, Ohio :: miles undetermined. This might not be the highest milage month ever, but I think it has definitely been my favorite. I have had numerous runs with my husband, I am starting to [finally] adapt to colder weather, and while my running hasn’t been the fastest ever, I am maintaining a level of fitness during the pregnancy and that makes me smile. Smile I’ll have at least 40 miles this month, which will bring me to about 520ish miles for the year.

2011 Running Journal

Vacation; In Progress

I’ve been gone so long that I’m surprised I remembered my Twitter password. Not kidding. Other than some crazy games of Words with Friends on my iPhone, I haven’t checked it in days and Facebook has been abandoned almost completely. Since I didn’t have work in my queue, I have had zero reason to open my computer. Ergo, I stopped blogging, as well as reading/commenting on blogs. Honestly, it has felt amazing. Not staring at a computer screen and spending SO much time with family and friends has been so incredibly refreshing.







I am so incredibly blessed. I have laughed until I’ve cried, hugged my parents numerous times a day, cuddled with the pups and have spent many moments alone with my husband. Like I said before, those moments to me are so incredibly precious. The love I have for my children is possible because of my husband… anyway, this is making me tear up, so I’ll save my gushing for another post. Winking smile 

Tomorrow’s post will recap my running journal, and I’m beyond excited to put this post together. Smile

Vacation; In Progress

Finally at the Computer

This would be me, except I don't look as graceful. Or manly. But that is up for debate.

So like I said last night, I had a long post written up on my phone about the time we’ve spent here so far in North Carolina. I went to add a picture, the phone froze, and *poof* it was gone. Lesson learned. This post will be all about running. Some stuff about pregnancy. Basically yesterday’s post, but in detail.

It sucks to run here! Very challenging, I definitely take the flat roads around my house for granted. For December, it is crazy humid here; something we’re not used too for sure. No big deal, we leave in tomorrow morning, plus as “awful” as the conditions have been, it has also provided a nice change and most definitely a challenge.

I will say this though, it has been downright amazing running with my husband. Typically, this can go one of two ways 1) We will run side by side, look at houses, talk, and catch up. We actually talk about things we used to talk about. Any parent knows that there comes a point in your relationship where it seems all you talk about is the contents of a dirty diaper, or your child’s vocabulary/attitude/sleep habits. Our conversations while running are different, and I love it. 2) He leaves me in the dust, I get pissed and it turns out to be a terrible run because I feel weak and defeated. Honestly, the latter is my own mental block because I know he has a PT test 4 days after we get back, so he needs to be ready for that [even though he blows this out of the water every time…]. He’s also a big strong Army man who can knock out mileage MUCH faster than a heavy, barely-breathing, 5 months pregnant wife struggling up a hill. Again, its all in my head and I am WAY too competitive.

Right now I’m 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I think it would be safe to attribute the difficulty I am having on the runs here to the hills and humidity, because back home runs are still held at a fairly decent pace. I do, however, get some round ligament pain but it is by no means unbearable. Waylynn is also sitting super low. I don’t exactly remember Kara sitting so far down, but I’ll have to check her pregnancy journal. I know that him sitting super low just means … well, that he’s sitting super low… that’s all. I know he’s not going to “fall out”, and nothing dire is going to happen. However, it does make it a bit difficult to run. At this stage, I would compare it too a melon being inserted into your looooower abs, pinning your bladder and other whatnots down there. Its a different sensation, that’s for sure, but again – it might have been more evident because of the general difficulty of the run.

Hilarious side note though; while running I mentioned the oddness of pregnancy quirks, to which my husband replied, “Well, you’re not in LABOR are you???”. I think it was the first time I rolled my eyes during a run. He clearly doesn’t remember how labor went the first time around… too cute. I’ll remind him here in a few months and ask him if he’d like to go for a run.

All righty well I have a ton of work to do today, so I better get at it. We head back to Ohio in the morning, but we’re going to try and squeeze one more run in before we go. I promise not to ramble so much in my next posts…

Finally at the Computer

Are…You… Kidding

Well I HAD a review (amongost other things running and pregnancy related) of our run typed up but it is now lost in iPhone WordPress app stupidity. Ugh. Heres a quick recap:

– 4 miles
– super humid
– extraordinarily hilly
– pregnancy
– round ligament pain
– baby is super low
– comparable to a melon stuck in your lower abs
– husband asked if i was in labor
– clearly he forgot what that was like
– felt good to get done
– hoping to coax him out to the military base tomorrow instead

And, good night.

Are…You… Kidding

well, that’s ONE way to fall off the face of the Earth…………

We are alive and well after our red eye to Ohio [gag] and a 9 hour drive to North Carolina. To say we’re exhausted is an understatement, and I think I’m still getting used to the time change aspect of it all. I do not, however, miss the Pacific Northwest winter, as it will be a nice 72 here at Fort Bragg tomorrow. Um, yes, I will take this over rain and cold weather any day. Smile 

I can finally take a few moments to get caught up on work, as well as blogs. So many things are happening out there, and I wish I could comment on everyone’s posts! Unfortunately I can’t, I definitely do not have the time. In the past 6 days, I have run once and that thought sickens me. I am hoping to get another run in tonight, but I seriously have so much work to do. That and the fact that it is the holiday season and there are minimal hours everywhere, is making my job a supreme pain in the rear.

Anyway, my break has gone on long enough, I have to get back to work before Kara wakes up and decides to melt down a few more times today.

Yay vacation!

well, that’s ONE way to fall off the face of the Earth…………

Gender Ultrasound Results

I have to make this quick! We’re heading to my husband’s Christmas party here in a little bit and I have to put make up on. Well, I need to find it, THEN put it on.

Anyway, we know we’re having a super healthy baby…


With super strong [runner’s] legs


And a BOY!!!


There you have it!!! We are thrilled and we cannot wait!! I’m glad I have a few months to figure this whole ‘boy’ thing out. We live in the land of pink and lace, so to have blue and sports cars will be an adjustment Winking smile For those wondering, his name will be Waylynn Dean.

And we look forward to meeting him in May. Smile

Gender Ultrasound Results