Best Tuesday Ever.

I was woken up this morning at 0830 by my loving husband. Um, what?? Usually I’m up via my daughter’s whimpers and cries at promptly 7 am. He whispers, “babe, its late, I have to head to work soon” to which I reply, “IS SHE OK!???” – Upon opening her door, she beams up from bed and goes, “HI MOMMY!!!!” – I am confused, but I like this new child who apparently has taken over my daughter’s body.

We saw Daddy off to work, ran errands [in which I spent JUST $40 on dinner for the next weekish] and on the way home, went by the community mailbox. For the record, these things do not work. Never have I stumbled upon my neighbor and chatted her up at the ugly box that holds all of our incoming bills/magazines. In fact, it is quite a nuisance to have a community mailbox, because we are in the Pacific Northwest, it is raining 80% of the year, and walking in it just to retreive stuff I throw away is looooooow on my list. Nevermind that. BUT it is a good place to put a poster up if you’re missing a cat.

So, I grabbed the mail. … ALL OF IT. Amongst the random Safeway ads and random brochures, there were some amazing gems in there.


I was so incredibly stoked to see that my giveaway from y is for yogini/we’ar came in. Thank you, Lo!!! I’ll post more on this later, but its comfy yoga gear that feels amazing and just WAIT until you see my butt in these pants. Yes, butt-enhancing pants make for their own post.

Costco Connection. Love it. I love anything Costco.

Wine Country Gift Baskets brochure. I’ll probably never buy/receive one, but I seriously consider sending myself one every year. For those wondering, I want the “Festive Gourmet” basket, or “Tis the Season”. I also am eyeballing the “The Ultimate Office Party” basket, which really… please. We all know I wouldn’t share any of this. Like I said, I’m just drooling at this point, and this is fun to go through.

Then I glanced at a package addressed to my husband, from a publisher in Colorado. Odd. I texted him, in case it was important, and noted to myself that it felt like a book. He replied back with “it’s a late bday/early Christmas present – open it!” Naturally, I did what any mature, level-headed 20-something year old woman would do – I tore into the package like my life depended on it. It was a running book. [!!] And!! Yes, an ‘and’!! Its “Running the Edge” – a book I’ve been meaning to buy! It aims to ‘discover the secrets to better running and a better life’ and is co-authored by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano. I should probably mention they also autographed it [!!!!!]. I texted my husband, used a million exclamation points, and he promptly responded with “there should be a Kara Goucher autograph in there too” – I froze. Saddened, I flipped through the book and couldn’t find her autograph. I glanced back at the package, and whaddyaKNOW, BOOM –


Um, yeah. That just happened. I still can’t believe it. My running idol, her autograph, plain as day. I am getting this framed ASAP. My excitement also clearly got in the way of level headed thinking.


From there, kiddo went down for her nap, I managed to get a relaxing shower in, and even did some yoga for half an hour. I’m sipping on some hot tea, counting my blessings, and about to start making a double batch of chicken noodle soup – something I have been pining for, FOREVER. Baby #2 is definitely channeling the happiness, and is dancing around in my belly something fierce. Smile love love love.

My friends, I hope Tuesday was as good to you as mine is.

Since I’m feeling all fuzzy inside, here’s an added bonus picture of me doing yoga.


Best Tuesday Ever.

4 thoughts on “Best Tuesday Ever.

  1. Micki – This whole blog made me smile from the start to the finish! Good stuff and fun style! Your husband must know you well to have made your day with this gift! I am glad you liked getting the book and the picture of Kara! Keep running and writing!


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