Food Extravaganza Round Up

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Man. Thanksgiving was ridiculous. Festivities actually started Wednesday afternoon, since Husband was allowed to come home early [thank you Army!]. My brother in law and his girlfriend came to visit, and even though we only had four adults and a toddler, we definitely ate our way through the food, and had a blast doing so.

Thursday I had an amazing run, before I dove headfirst into the sweet potato soufflé and homemade cranberry sauce. It had been raining ALL day long – and not just the typical Pacific Northwest sprinkle; it was coming down sideways, the wind was insaaaane, and it looked ominous. The clouds broke, the sun shone through, and I decided to take advantage of the time. I’m glad I did, it started raining again just as I turned back into the neighborhood.


I actually don’t have pictures of the actual Thanksgiving dinner, but the next day we also indulged in some cupcakes… white chocolate cranberry cupcakes, to be exact. It was DIVINE.


And while Daddy was out volunteering at the Seattle Amica Marathon during another monsoon yesterday, baby girl and I stayed home. Requests were made, like, “BELLE TAKE YOUR MED-CIIIIINE” and “MOM-EEEEE, SMELL MAH TOOOOOES!!!!!!”


Although it was a stressful super busy day for both Mommy and Daddy, they were both rewarded in their own little way. I’ll let you guess whose reward is whose. Winking smile


and PS don’t make fun of the incline/pace or else we’ll hunt you down and find you.

Food Extravaganza Round Up