So, So Proud.

I wanted to do a huge weekend round up, but I’m leaving that for tomorrow’s post.

I just want to express how incredibly proud I am of my husband. Today, while thousands of runners ran the Amica Seattle Marathon, he stood with our run group [wear blue:run to remember], holding a flag for the duration of the race. He woke up at 3, met the bus at 5, and was at the Mile 18 marker holding my brother’s flag. What makes me tear up is the fact that two other soldiers from his platoon volunteered as well. They were out there in the pouring rain, blustery wind and cold weather – less than ideal conditions for a marathon, let alone standing there for hours on end. These are 18 year old guys that could have been doing anything but this; but instead decided to honor their fallen brothers in arms. In fact, one of the guys who volunteered, also did this back in June for the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Marathon. Seriously. This warms my heart, gives me goosebumps and puts a lump in my throat, all at the same time.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at the race today, but I quizzed Husband on every single aspect ever, and I’m pretty sure he’s tired of talking about it. Rumor has it there are some amazing photos coming up on their Facebook page, soon – so join the group and keep your eyes peeled for them.

Volunteers at a race should never be overlooked. Races literally could not be put on without them, and often times they’re putting their hearts and soul into the project, just like the runners are. So whether it’s a 7 year old handing out water cups at your local 5k, or a police officer at a roadblock – make sure to thank those guys, because they are out there as well. Smile

So, So Proud.

3 thoughts on “So, So Proud.

  1. Bill says:

    I’m a 56 year old runner and yesterday was my first marathon. In part, I was running to honor the memory of my Dad, a veteran, who passed away one year ago Thanksgiving day. The flags at mile 18 were an emotional surprise to me. I high-fived and thanked everyone I could as I passed, and was completely choked with emotion. If I didn’t get the message across yesterday, here it is again – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

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