Pregnancy, Running & Postpartum Goals

So, something clicked yesterday while I was… well I don’t know what I was doing, but I was probably eating leftovers. Which, are GONE by the way. I love that we cooked just enough for Thanksgiving dinner, and a leftover meal – call me crazy, but I actually cannot stand having turkey and cranberry sauce for a week straight. No thanks.

Anyway, I was thinking more about my running dreams and something clicked. Remember how I said I wouldn’t analyze it? Well I found the running ‘meaning’, and since then, and it became obvious. A part of it said, “…To dream that you are running alone refers to your determination and motivation in the pursuit of your goals. You will find success and rise above those around you…” !!! What didn’t dawn on me, is that earlier in the day, I had written out a list of goals; one for running while pregnant, then one for postpartum goals.

During pregnancy, I would like for my second trimester to be my highest total mileage. While I won’t PR on a long distance run since I was training for Marine Corps earlier in the pregnancy [plus I promised my husband my longest run would top out at 10 miles], I am confident that I can do this – I am feeling great, and I also have nearly 6 weeks to run 50+ miles. Easy peasy! I also want to incorporate more yoga, as I am feeling the kinks of the relaxin doing crazy things to my joints. Abs and flexibility will not be ignored; but most of all – I vow to enjoy every run. I’m also studying more about the ‘on paper’ aspect of running, instead of going out and just ‘doing it’, which I’m really enjoying!

Focusing on running this during pregnancy is easy, but I also am [mentally] focusing on postpartum goals. I’m not crazy, and I know my body will need time to bounce back – I’m not singing up for a half just 2 weeks after giving birth. I will train smarter than before, and focus more on my form and nutrition. I would love [not really] to get in the gym and work on burning fat and gaining muscle in my upper body, and of course, finally run a flippin’ marathon and PR my half. I just need to tell myself to BE PATIENT. I tend to get very frustrated when I don’t see results overnight, if I don’t PR every race, etc. I know. Horrible mindset, and I have to change that.

As always, the second something ‘feels funny’ I will stop in my tracks and not run another step. If my doctor were to tell me tomorrow to stop running, I would.

SO! There you have it. Smile The next post won’t ramble on and on about pregnancy, I promise!

Pregnancy, Running & Postpartum Goals

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy, Running & Postpartum Goals

  1. Sounds like some great goals! I will definitely look to you for advice whenever I am pregnant and running. 😉 What exactly do you mean about the “on paper” aspect about running?

    1. Thanks girl! I mean more of the science part of it. I know *that* certain things work, but don’t necessarily know why. I would love to learn more about the mechanical part of running/injuries/nutrition, etc. 🙂

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