Update on Kara!

Ok. Sorry this has taken forever to push out! The last few days seem like they flew by, but at times [like sitting in the ER] time felt as though it was moving slower than … well, slower than time spent in a little white room with unknown outcomes!

First off, I GREATLY appreciate the support I received on here, Twitter and Facebook!!! Knowing I had you guys rooting for us helped. So Sunday things were looking up right? Yeah, we thought so too. Kara woke up Monday morning, with her eye swollen [almost] shut and it was way worse than Saturday’s initial “ohcrap” moment. So yes, you guessed it, right back to the ER. Where we sat for about 6 hours? Or was it 5? Maybe 7? Either way, they ran WAY more testing, and looked at her more intently. This also means they had to a) draw blood b) set her up for a possible IV.

Um. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about how this went down…

I’ll tell you right now, when it comes to most things, I can keep it together. To get her set up for an IV, they literally swaddled her in a blanket, taped an arm board to her arm, and of course, recruited me to help. Seeing her in this condition, and having to physically constrain my own screaming child is something that will send me into hysterics. [ps – I was uber pissed when the nurse quipped, “MOM you’re GOING to have to hold it together”. seriously? my two year old is in the worst pain of her short life, you’re making me pin her body down and you want me to NOT express emotion over this? Yeah, uh, eff off.] I do take solace in the fact that she was pain free when she wasn’t being annoyed by doctors. I say annoyed, because yes, they are there to help; but she doesn’t know that and will let you know.


[ taken yesterday, just after the IV was set up. her other eye looks swollen, but that’s just from crying all morning]

Long story short – she’s fine now. And like, FOR REAL fine, not “sunday” fine. She is on a different set of antibiotics [we didn’t have to do the IV, they determined the infection wasn’t ‘that’ bad], and within a day of them her eye is much less swollen, and the redness is nearly gone. We had a follow up appointment today and the doctors agree that the rest of the antibiotics will take care of everything, and they shouldn’t have to see her unless things turn south. And, if that’s the case, you will find me in a corner somewhere, losing my mind.


[ taken today!!!! she was mad at some brat kid at the doctor’s office. that’s a whole ‘nother post]

Scientific stuff :: She basically had a staph infection in her eye, leading to Pre-septal Cellulitis [common in young kids]. On Saturday, we left the ER with the misdiagnosis of Blepharitis [more common in the elderly]. Had the ER staff done a little more checking, we might have nipped this in the bud more than we already have. The extensive tests they did in the ER on Monday, where to see if the infection was in the front part of the eye [it was]. Had it been in the back, then it would affect muscles, and her vision could have been compromised. The blood they took was to determine white blood cell count, which came back fine. You can read more about this serious infection here, and I promise that there aren’t disgusting photos to look at – I checked. We’re not exactly sure [and the doctors say we might never know] how this came to be. There might have been “something” in her eye that nicked her eyelid and got infected – again, hard to say.

We all carry the bacteria for staph within and on our bodies – knowing the signs of a staph infection are vital, and I urge you to study them, even for a precaution. I have personally had MRSA, and my husband has had it twice. Scary stuff, and VERY aggressive.

Update on Kara!

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