‘Crazy’ is an Understatement

Holy cannoli.

This weekend was beyond insane. We had planned to just hang out, relax, and not do anything nuts.

“Anything nuts” would consist of numerous examples. Like say, calling your husband home from his run group on Saturday morning to spend in the ER, hanging out at a Verizon store for the next couple of hours, not having your child nap until 4 PM (!!!!!!) and staying up with said cranky, tired child until she passes out at almost 11 pm.


Buuuuuut of course, as well all know, things never go according to plan. Sometimes your kiddo will wake up with a swollen, red eyelid that will send your half asleep senses into “OHMYGAWD” mode, and send you scrambling to even put shoes on. You will then get to the ER, be assured by the doctor that everything is fine; and you and your husband, with nerves shot and emotions fried [ok really, just me, he’s the strong one] will head to lunch with your happy-go-lucky-doesn’t-know-whats-going-on toddler.

From there you will remember that you have to go to Verizon to get a new phone for The Husband because his got demolished while out playing ‘Army.’ You will think, No big deal, we have insurance on it, we’ll be in and out. Oh, but you would be mistaken, my friend. Remember the time where you bought The Husband’s phone in Oklahoma? Well, they actually weren’t a corporate store, and the ‘insurance’ you thought you bought, wasn’t actually legit. While those sentences took about 30 seconds to type out, in reality, this took about 23487 phone calls and about an HOUR on the phone with numerous Verizon contacts. *lovely*. Somehow Husband ended up with my old Blackberry, and I got a shiny new iPhone. Still don’t know how that happened.

Cue Sunday. Due to the eye issue, I barely slept; mainly from nerves, and I told Husband that I didn’t even want to go to church. Again, everything is hunky dory, and things are looking better and better as hours pass. Fortunately, she doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on – zero pain, fever, discomfort, etc., which makes me feel loads better. I probably should have ran while Kara was sleeping, but to be completely honest, everything caught up to me and I had to zonk out for TWO HOURS. It felt like I was out for 10 minutes.

Things are finally looking up; we’re planning Thanksgiving, I feel normal, and I look forward to the coming week. I have a baby appointment tomorrow [16 weeks!] the kiddo has a follow up appointment on Tuesday.

Now, if anyone has advice on how to pin down a toddler to put warm compresses against her eye, and have it NOT turn into World War III, I would greatly appreciate it. Smile

‘Crazy’ is an Understatement

3 thoughts on “‘Crazy’ is an Understatement

  1. Brandon says:

    child on back, while your legs are over her legs and arms. they still manage to get away, but you can at least apply for a minute longer.

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