I really don’t know if this post will make sense to many people. That’s ok. You’ll still stick with me right!? Winking smile

Remember the time where I had this huge rambling that went on and on about how I yearned to feel a part of something? How I was knocking around ideas on how to stay connected with Soldiers, or help out in some way? Well, For the Fallen has fulfilled a huge gap that I thought it never would. I read biographies daily, I run for the Fallen, and it gives me a sense of pride. Yes, it is sad; and it especially stings when someone searches for a name, and lands on my blog. But I am here to celebrate life, because they cannot. These men and women, in a sense, keep me in check.

Well. Keep that in mind.

Stay with me here.

This is going to be pretty vague and unfortunately I cannot share details, but I promise you it involves catty people driven by gossip, and apparently boredom. These fools have zero place in my life. Not too long ago I made a huge switch in life. I knew the changes coming my way. I knew that some things [like honesty and respect of your fellow man] were held to a higher regard.

I am here to tell you that some things, and people, in life are not worth it [re: the aforementioned fools].

Just two hours ago, you would have caught me in a frenzy; furious and in disbelief at the way people act. You might feel this way too – towards people, or maybe society in general. Do the occupy wall street-ers piss you off? Yeah, me too. Do you want to wring your boss’ neck every time he walks into a room? I’ve been there, friend.

Dudes and dudettes, life is too damn short. 10, 15 years from now these people will be distant memories. You are your own person, and you control what your own surroundings are.

So. With that, I say go – go on a run. Call up your best friend, grab some hot chocolate, and watch the leaves change in the park. Go play Wii Bowling with your mom, only to have her kick your butt for the 23984th time in a row. Do something that makes you smile. Go buy a pack of candy canes, even though its not even Thanksgiving [maybe your husband will roll your eyes at you, but who cares, you have candy canes!!].

Life is way too short to spend pissed off at mundane things.

YOU ARE HERE. You are alive and breathing. Do something with the life you are given, even if the path seems rocky sometimes and you might not feel like doing much else of anything. You owe it to yourself, and I PROMISE, that if you are doing what makes you happy, your life is going to be so, so, so, fulfilling. Even if its something little – playing a video game or splurging on shoes – or something huge like spending 6 months volunteering in a third world country. This is YOU we’re talking about. Take care of yourself first, before letting the fools try to bring you down.

– I realize this was a rather random and probably confusing post. Like the message I’m trying to get across, sometimes it takes “something” slapping me in the face to realize how good I really have it. It is silly for me to get mad at “Alice” or “Fred” for doing something that is clearly their human nature. Pff. I gots bigger fish to fry. –