Now Hiring: An Assistant.

I will pay you in cookies, pumpkin pie, cupcakes, or Nuun and Gu. Your choice.

The morning started with the child waking up. SCREAMING. 9 times out of 10, she wakes up by some sort of crying/fuss anyway, but this time it was different. She’s fine, and just scared the crap  out of me, and for about 30 seconds I thought her arm had fallen off or something. Needless to say that kind of set the tone for the morning.

From there, it all went downhill. I have a pounding headache, my nose is stuffy [allergy? cold? no idea], I found out I am out of my favorite cereal, I stepped on a Lego, tweaked my neck [not sure how I’m going to work at the computer all day like this], I’m exhausted and my husband called to say his cell phone screen is completely busted. I also had this horrible dream where I was running a marathon, and they had marked the course with CHALK and most runners ended up doing something like 32 miles; I remember thinking in my dream, “I am going to write the nastiest race review EVER.”


I also need to get a small grocery list together because I WILL be making chicken noodle soup and kicking this allergy/wanna-be cold thing. I am also running because I refuse to let a crummy morning set the tone for my day!! Also, I am blaming all of this mess on the treadmill… ok, ok, I’m blaming myself because I ran later at night and I know what that does to my body. I didn’t get to sleep until about 1030, and that, my friends, is WAY past my bed time.

So, since I have absolutely nothing fun to say, here are some links I thought you might enjoy.

Brooks is giving away $500 worth of shoes, clothes and gear.

RunningWarehouse is having pretty awesome sales. You could also Google around for a discount code. 

Heather is hosting a virtual 5k!! And yes, shiny medals are involved! [for the record, I’m hesitant to sign up because we might be traveling that day. other than that, I’ll be doing this!] You can also find the Facebook page for this, here.

Zaneta is hosting a Christmas Card swap with other bloggers – this will be my first year doing this, but it sounds like fun!

Now Hiring: An Assistant.

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