Is It Time for Modern Family Yet?

I love Modern Family. This is no secret. This is why I started dinner while the husband was still at work, was changed into gym clothes before he got home, and left for the gym about .45 seconds after kissing him and the kiddo goodbye. Ok, I lied, I don’t schedule my life around TV. It was a very trying afternoon, and I’ll spare you specifics, just know that it involved dog puke, a very whiny toddler, and a mommy with a very short fuse.

I knew I had to get out tonight. Unfortunately, the weather during the day was deceiving – I thought that since it had been raining ALL day, and that it was chilly ALL day, that the weather at 6 pm would be even worse; so I resigned myself to the fact that I would be using the treadmill. WELL, 6 pm rolls around, and the weather was decent. Go figure. But I had been mentally prepping to run at the gym, so I figured I’d just go with it.

And yes, I said resigned. I know some of you out there swear by your treadmill. I am jealous of you folks. I will even admit that there was a point in time where I even wanted to purchase one. My friends, when I am on the treadmill, I look like a dying cricket that’s missing a leg, struggling through quick sand. I am ALL out of whack, my knuckles are always hitting the front-part-bar-thingy, and my form is ridiculously STUPID looking.

This makes for a very long run, whether my run is a mile or 10 miles long. I am constantly frustrated with form, the people around me, my breathing, my music, or the fact that football is still on, and trying to figure out WHY they can’t they show something decent, like Friends reruns??

Anyway, I managed to hold a 9:19 pace for 3 miles, which I’ll take at this point because that’s 3 more miles than yesterday. Pregnancy wise, I am feeling awesome. I am to the point where I wish my belly would ‘pop’ because it just looks like I had a big lunch, but I guess this is a good gripe to have. I have noticed that I’m getting a bit more out of breath than usual, and that I am requiring MUCH more water. I am also ‘that’ pregnant lady now, where I am wanting to eat everything in sight. Nice.

Is It Time for Modern Family Yet?

3 thoughts on “Is It Time for Modern Family Yet?

  1. I heart modern family, and despise the treadmill. As someone who has only really run outside, I find it very uncomfortable, and I don’t look like a cricket, I look like a frog trying to run, it’s not a good look. Or maybe a bit like phoebe (do you remember that episode of friends?).

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