As some of you might notice [I say some, because I know this visual stuff doesn’t translate over to Google Reader] there are some changes going around on this here blog.

Nothing is permanent, and I will probably change the theme about a million times. I have ZERO knowledge on code/computer talk, so I literally just go with the free themes they have at WordPress. I actually bought a domain, and have activated the link, but again, I’m an idiot and tech-challenged, and have no clue how to transfer all this stuff over.

If you’ll notice, I have added/deleted/changed the pages.

I decided to document my running during this pregnancy on the blog. You can be a runner for life. You may have just started. No matter your expertise, you will read that little positive pregnancy test, have a myriad of feelings ranging from “HOLY ***” to “BEST DAY EVER!!!” You will begin to Google every single ache/pain/feeling/gas bubble and read everything in depth. Of course, you want to keep running. Hopefully your Doctor clears you, and you can again Google everything. So, in hoping that you find this blog because you’re excited to continue your running regimen during pregnancy [yay!] you are more than welcome to read along. You would think that this is my second go-round that I would remember all this. Wrong. I Googled everything. Still do.

I also have changed up “For the Fallen”. A friend was generous enough to partner up with me on this, and I’ll now be updating this at the end of every month. Life is just a little too crazy, and to update it every night is sadly impossible.

So let me know what you think. My husband used to write code and do all of his snazzy stuff as a JOB when he was a civilian and you think there would be time to make this how I *really* want… but it would be so much easier if someone could just read my mind. That can’t be too hard right?


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