Numbers and What Not

-=- Still blown away by the 311.07 miles that everyone dedicated. I feel so loved.

-=- ZERO things for work due this week. This means library time, snuggling during movies, and zero guilt from spending the majority of the day on the computer. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am incredibly blessed that my amazing editor continues to assign me stories, but I got everything done in advance last week and it just so happens today is free.

-=- About .2 seconds it took for little one to dump out all of her crayons. Which we spent an hour using. [ps I love Veggietales but will always be weirded out that they don’t have arms] 

-=- 37. The number of times during the morning and early afternoon that I told myself, “I should probably pluck my eyebrows”.

-=- 2 string cheese sticks consumed by 1030 am. Yes, we buy the bulk bag from Costco, and we’ll probably eat 2 more before the day is over.

-=- The temperature is a cool 45 degrees. {!!!!!!} The sun is very misleading

-=- I think I cracked/pulled/ticked off either my 4th or 5th rib by laughing incredibly hard yesterday. I just hope it doesn’t affect my run later. This might be a fluke though, I’m pretty sure I’ve had this issue before.

-=- 3 out of 3 laundry baskets that are empty. That means, for at least two days this momma doesn’t have to touch laundry.

-=- The number of windows I had to open when I forgot I had ciabatta rolls in the oven?? 4. Luckily, I saved the rolls, and they joined 1 avocado, 23948 scoops of Pace Picante sauce, and a dash of salt. Saved myself from yet another kitchen blunder.

-=- unlimited. The number of photos we had during our ‘around the house photo shoot’. Also, the amount of tears shed from the Little One when she was told it was naptime.

-=- 3.5 Scoops of ice cream I’m mentally eating.

-=- Hoping to get a good run in later after aforementioned nap, maybe 4 or 5 miles

-=- 30 days from now we will find out the gender of baby #2!!!!! 32 more days until Christmas vacation officially starts!!!

-=- I have 4.5 more hours to figure out what we’re doing for dinner. Which means I will know what I’m doing, approximately 4.4999 hours from now.

-=- I have 5, just FIVE, Harbor Sweets Sloops left. These morsels are divine.

-=- 1 cup of tea I am sipping while reading a great book. Smile

Life is good.

How have numbers affected your day to day? Anything you are counting down too?

Numbers and What Not

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