A Very Heartfelt Thank You

I don’t even know how to properly express the gratitude that seems to be bursting from my heart right now. The miles for Jon mean SO incredibly much to me, and if I could personally hug each and every one of you right now, I would. I hope that this will suffice; this list is meant to recognize the runners and the mileage they put forth in memoriam of my brother. This list was compiled from the comments left on either my blog or Facebook, or those who told me mileage through Twitter, email or text.

2 – “Carrie”, whom I have recently ‘met’, at Searching for Middle Ground

11 – Maggs, a very talented triathlete that blogs at Will Tri for Bourbon

20 – These are combined miles from a very inspiring, hilarious, genuine and crafty Army wife, Elizabeth, and her husband, Aaron. Find her musings here.

6 – Elise. I have never met her, but I hope that our running paths cross one day. Smile PS – Girl, leave me a good way to contact you! Unless the Facebook link is ok!

2 – My buddy Chris. She is hilarious, and though I haven’t physically met her, I would consider her a great friend. CHAIR!!! Smile She ran these miles with her adorable pup, Ennie.

26.2 – My brother in law, Brandon. Reading his comment brought me to tears, and I will forever be grateful for this incredible gesture. He did AMAZING during his first marathon on Sunday, not only in Jon’s memory, but for he and his amazing wife, Samantha.

13.1 – Samantha also dedicated her half marathon in honor of Jon’s memory. Truly a resilient spirit, Samantha is a devoted mom and an amazing wife. I really wish we lived closer, and I kick myself daily for not taking advantage of the time we had together in Texas! Oh, PS – She PR’ed her half!!!

6 – Jerry from Eat to Run.Run to Eat. I look forward to reading her blog, as she trains for the San Francisco Marathon; where she is also serving as an Ambassador. Fancy Winking smile

6 – Becca, who blogs at The Run Around. She just ran a rockin’ 10k at the MCM series, and though I have perused her blog for a day now, its safe to say she’s staying on my radar.

14 – My friend, Lawrence, who runs with us in our run group.

30.47 – My brother-in-law, Kyle. He also ran his first marathon this past Sunday, in San Antonio, with Brandon. The weather was brutal, and he totally persevered and showed that thing who was boss. He also did extra mileage, because he’s crazy hardcore like that.

13.1 – These miles belong to Terri, Kyle’s girlfriend. I know she was injured prior to the race, but she wanted to run it for fun and like everyone else, she did great! Her main goal was to get a sun tan – my kind of goal.

6.2 – A friend of mine that lived here in the Fort Lewis area dedicated her Veteran’s Day 10k to Jon. Liz is an awesome runner, and she has been known to totally kick my butt during speed work!

3 – Chris’ friend Smile

1.5 – Chris’ husband, who hiked a mile and a half with their pup, Ennie [she had a busy weekend!].

10.2 – Dorothy. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I have never met [yet]. I’m sure some of you already read her blog, and if you don’t, you HAVE too. She is incredibly motivating, and just PR’ed a 10k, at 40:23 [6:29 pace], something I will never see on my watch!!

20 – Mason, the president of Nuun. I remember stalking following Mason during Hood to Coast and never in my wildest imagination that the PRESIDENT of a company I am head over heels for would follow me back. He’s the best, and so in nuun. Smile Plus I owe him cobbler.

26.2 – Katie dedicated her first 26.2 to Jon as well. If you are reading this please email me, or leave your Twitter handle or blog address!! I would love to know more about you Smile

24.2 – The one and only, amazing marathoner, miss EMZ. I have been following her blog for EVER and I she is yet another blogger that I hope to one day meet. Right now she is nursing a bum ankle, so please send her Costco-sized healing vibes covered in mustard!

17.7 – Jessica, from the Pace of Me. I am loving this girls’ blog. She’s crazy in just the right way, totally motivating and while I just “met” her, I can’t wait to get to know her even more!

9 – My sister in law, Brooke. Can I just say that I LOVE my family wanted to join in on this craziness?!! Brooke is the best; down to Earth and will make you cry from laughing so hard. I loved seeing her and her daughter for lunch yesterday. Definitely a highlight!

10 – Nadine. Yes, with all your effort I definitely rounded up for you girl! Nadine is the stay at home mom to twin 18 month olds, and started running just a year ago. She is making strides in her running, and you must follow her!

1 – Yet another blogger who I have recently met, Kali!! She is honest, hilarious, and dang it, you must read her blog. She dedicated the last mile of her 50k to Jon, and I could not be more grateful.

2 – the bestest of bests, my buddy Danelle. Again, yet another person I have YET to meet. She is a badass runner, a fellow Army wife [I mention this because it is HARD], stay at home mom to a hilarious and energetic toddler, a student, and oh, she also runs a small at-home bakery. Yeah. This girl GETS me, and we’re always trying to plan when the heck we’re going to get together. We’re planning New York. But maybe Marine Corps. In like, 2015. She’s definitely a constant in my life and hopefully that will never change!

1 – my dear friend, Lorie. Yet another running buddy I hope to someday meet, Lorie is truly a kind soul. She has an amazing spirit, a beautiful family, and I vow to one day watch her sew. I know that sounds silly, but this lady is always at it and makes the most gorgeous things!!

Lastly – while visiting Washington DC, my parents covered 10 miles each, and my little brother did 8.

You guys. This is a grand total of 311.07 miles. Again, YOU are amazing, and I am forever grateful for this. I hope that this turns into a yearly event Smile

Thank you, so very much. and I also really hope I didn’t miss anyone!!

A Very Heartfelt Thank You