My Wish(es)

If you are planning to run/walk/hike/cycle/swim/do anything at all either today, Saturday or Sunday, please visit this link.


Since I was a kid, I would make a wish on 11:11; if I caught the time. Yes, I still do this, and I am not ashamed to admit it! Smile I went ahead and compiled a list of wishes I would love to see come true, without any definite time frame. I guess you can call this a Bucket List of sorts, but I don’t really like using that term because I’m about living in the moment; not rushing to get things done before I bite the big one.

– I wish to raise respectable children, who will always know right from wrong, will always have steadfast faith in God, and will see me as their best friend throughout life.

– I wish to be the best wife to my husband, standing by his side in both training and deployments as well as promotions and celebratory life milestones.

– I wish for a healthy pregnancy, a safe and fast delivery; and I have faith in my body and I also wish that it will not only be able to nourish my newborn, but also bounce back from pregnancy.

– I wish to go back to school. Yup. Huge confession – I don’t even have a college degree. Stings to put that out there, and I don’t think that very many people in my family even know! I’ve looked into different programs at local colleges, but I personally would like to wait until the kids go back to school, so that I can focus on my studies.

– I wish to someday work in the exercise industry. Ideally, in the running related part of it; but again, this will wait until I have the time to focus on this, when the kids are older.

– I wish to be someone my family can be proud of.

– I wish to, one day, be in the military again. Putting on my Air Force uniform was something I was incredibly proud of, and I looked forward to it everyday. While I am currently inactive, I would not mind getting back into the Reserves. One weekend a month spent at an Air Force Base literally minutes from my home would fulfill me in more ways than you guys even know!

– I wish to cherish this four day weekend I have with my family; soaking every minute in, and while I WISH my brother was here to see this I know that he is in my heart and watching it all from up Above.

– I wish that for all Veterans past and present will be shown the respect they deserve today.

All righty you guys. I’m off to attend a couple of Veterans Day events for work; one of which I will share with you later. After the madness of the morning has subsided, I will run for my brother – I wish the forecast didn’t call for rain but I think that might just be his way of trying to get me to stay inside. Winking smile

My Wish(es)

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