Thankful Thursday

If you are planning to run/walk/hike/cycle/swim/do anything at all either tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday, please visit this link.


I haven’t done one of these in awhile [since July… !!!?], and its about time I do so.

– The United States Marine Corps. Its their birthday today! They shaped my life more than they’ll ever know; its safe to say that I’m where I’m at because of them.

– The running stroller. I know, I know. A necessary evil. But its resistance in the best form ever, and lets be honest, when the bag of Cheerios goes flying over the side, Mommy could use the rest break to pick it up before she keeps moving.

– Celebrities on Sesame Street. I don’t necessarily love Elmo, Abby, Murray, and all of the other fuzzy monsters; but knowing that Ryan Reynolds, Adam Sandler, Ricky Gervais and Jack Black appear on this show makes me giggle from time to time.

– This is ‘job’ related, but I am very grateful that people call me back or return emails in a timely manner. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get in touch with someone, only to have them respond with, “Ooooh, I don’t check voicemails…” – So thank you, individuals who answer on the first ring, and reply to emails/tweets/Facebook questions almost immediately!

– The internet. I thought a quick Google search of “Why does my Goldfish swim upside down?” would render, ‘he’s an idiot’ or ‘he doesn’t know what he’s doing’ – but no. Now I know that he could have a swimbladder issue and I need to feed him peas. A fish. That eats peas. Can I please have a normal pet??

– I am incredibly grateful for my countertop being at just the right height to where I can roll that weird muscle above/around the Iliac Crest. Is it my upper butt? Have my lovehandles been around so long, my body just turned them into muscle? Whatever it is, the countertop hits that massage point and I love it. I should have probably paid attention in anatomy.

– Justice. Karma. Whatever you call it, the universe will come back to get you, and if you’re lucky the whoooooole world will be watching. *ahem*cough*JoePaterno,JerrySandusky*cough*

Thankful Thursday

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Yo Gabba Gabba is great for celebrities….even if it is otherwise creepy. But there is some good music on it. I wish my little guy would go into the running stroller without a fight!!! It is a good thing when you need it. Hope you are feeling well!!!

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