A Nationwide Call for a Favor…

Ok guys. I realize that my blog has been a lot of ‘woe is me’ lately. I haven’t been writing about running, because well, I’m not doing it… so I’m posting nonsense instead. Well, this will change soon. In fact, I already have running gear on, I’m just waiting to hit publish and then we’re out of here.

This Sunday will mark the 3 year anniversary of my brother being killed in Afghanistan. Just writing out that last sentence was incredibly hard – I would be lying to you if I said I’m ok. the closer I get to the day, the more often tears well up in my eyes and the harder the lump in my throat becomes to swallow.

Obviously, I haven’t been running much. While I usually do a numerical dedication of sorts, I honestly don’t know if at this point I’d be able to pull of anything more than just 3 miles. Personally, that’s embarrassing, considering just a few months ago I was cranking out 15+ miles at a time.

So this is what I’m asking of you – this weekend, if you are running/hiking/walking/cycling/swimming/anything at all, I ask that you dedicate a certain kind of distance in my brother’s memory. It can be anything at all – a half mile of your 22 mile training run, 3 miles from a fun run, or your entire half marathon. If you’re interested in doing this, please read what’s at the bottom of this post, in the red font.

It is ok that you don’t know him. If it makes you feel any better, he thought I was crazy for running. Either way, just know that the miles you contribute are for an amazing person. This is my personal way of remembering him, and I would love for my friends and family to join with me. If I can’t be with him physically, or at his headstone at Fort Logan National Cemetery, I will be with him in spirit. My parents and little brother are personally going to Arlington National Cemetery, honoring those we have lost during the war on terrorism.

So, in efforts of racking up some mileage, I’m asking those who are interested, to “sign up” on this thread, or simply leave your completed mileage count on any post I make during the weekend. For the record, “weekend” will start Friday morning, lasting until Sunday night. I will add up all of the miles the morning and make a post from there. 36 hours to do any distance. Please join me.

A Nationwide Call for a Favor…

15 thoughts on “A Nationwide Call for a Favor…

  1. I heart you woman.
    I love this.

    I’m calling a gym now to see if they’ll let me on a zero G since my ankle is wonky.

    You are awesome
    This is awesome

  2. I dedicated the last mile of my first 50K yesterday to your brother and a soldier I knew who was recently killed in Afghanistan.
    Hope you’re doing OK today 🙂

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