Pet Peeves

Husband has staff duty and I’m feeling a bit of rage tonight, so I’ll direct it towards my blog in efforts to wind down. Not really in specific order at all, here are a list of pet peeves I currently have.

That weird, twisted way laundry gets. You know what I’m talking about. You hear the washer chime go off. You walk into the laundry room, knowing full well that putting the wet clothes/whatever into the dryer, putting a dryer sheet in aforementioned dryer, and starting the dryer, will get you one step closer to crossing a chore off your to-do list. But, laundry has decided to throw you a curveball, and SOMEHOW a towel became twisted up with a pair of jeans and a random shirt, making all three damn near unrecognizable. Now, you have to avoid pulling out this knot of fabric nonsense completely, because you KNOW other clothes are bunched up and will fall out; pissing you off even more. Lovely.

When you hit a vein. Let me explain. I was doing laundry earlier. There was a mangled laundry knot. I managed to separate everything out, and in a final act of disgust, I hurled a soaking towel into my dryer. BUT, in doing so, I hit the vein right outside of my first knuckle on the metal casing of the dryer, and now the vein is not only THROBBING but it’s sore, a bit inflamed and very angry. I also can’t pop my knuckle now, and that is driving me batty.

Washington drivers. *sigh* You guys. I know when you take a trip somewhere, or you’re new to an area, local drivers can often get a bad rap because they might not do things ‘your way’. Seriously though, I’ve thought about it, and Washington drivers truly DO suck, especially at merging. There can be a lone driver in the far right lane, but if you’re entering the highway he will REFUSE to move over and let you on the highway. Super annoying.

My idiot dog(s). Let me rephrase. Sometimes, pets can really annoy the crap out of you. I also think that I am not a pet person, so when there is “an instance” my annoyance is only exacerbated by the fact that they generally get on my nerves anyway. The weather is getting colder, which I do not enjoy. The dogs must be let out. No big deal. But on occasion, I will go to let them in, and Thin Dog will bolt right in as though he was on the brink of hypothermia, while Fat Dog will STAND at the door, looking up at me confused – What? Come IN? Is that why you are holding the door WIDE open? You’re not just trying to heat the outdoors? No, you dolt, get inside before I leave you out there.

Pregnancy brain and hormones. For those that might not know about pregnancy brain, it’s comparable to experiencing short term memory loss. I can’t remember if I gave Kara her vitamins this morning or not, nor can I recall the finishing times of friends during todays New York Marathon. Did I also forget to pick up milk on my way home? Yes. Did I also fail to feed the dogs this morning? No clue. So, long story short, the dogs might be getting double the amount of food [or half the usual bit], my kid might be missing a day’s worth of vitamins, and this also means I need to go out into the frozen tundra for milk. And the hormones bit? I’ll probably come home and crumble into a pathetic pile of tears and self pity.

My lack of motivation. This is seriously getting on my last nerve. I ran last week [or was is two weeks ago?] and I vowed that during the month of November I would run more miles than the previous two combined [an embarrassing 55]. I haven’t run a step. Tomorrow is the 7th. There are 30 days in November. I have 23 days to run 55 miles? I highly doubt this is happening. At this rate, I might as well give it up all together.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have MORE laundry to do, some articles to write, a grocery list to compile, a toddler* to wrestle into bed, and a camera cord to hunt down.

* Toddler is also having a night alone with mom, after we had three jam packed days of fun with my parents. Not having my husband here tonight will only pour salt on the wound. Another pet peeve – Staff Duty!! Things can either be smooth sailing, or they will end with her wailing to sleep, asking for everyone BUT mommy.

Pet Peeves

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