Focus, Micki… FOCUS!

You. Guys. ROCK.

Seriously, I know I thank you guys about every other day; but your kind words leave me with tears in my eyes every time. While you might be complete strangers, I feel so connected to you guys. The internet is a crazy world, no?

This week has been riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiculous!! But, of course, in a good way. Work has taken over my life, because I am stressing out about writing perfect articles; making sure that I am writing in a way that will bring my subjects justice. Writing about military folk, FOR military folk can be quite the adventure into a mental pressure cooker, but I’m sure everything will turn out hunky-dory.

I also set up Twitter accounts for wear blue:run to remember [the run group husband and I run with]. I’ve mentioned them a few times, but now they’re growing at such a rapid rate that they’re having local chapters. The Twitter accounts are still under construction but I’ll add links once we “launch”. 

With that said, my parents are also coming to visit for the weekend (yay!!!) and we are beyond excited. Between juggling the Texas Tornado [yes, yet another nickname for our daughter], work, and trying to keep the house looking relatively decent, a lot has been ignored.

For example, running.

And the dishes.

Oh, and grocery shopping.

About 4 loads of laundry…

Feeding the dogs [ok, fine, I only forgot once]

But I did get around to falling asleep at 9 last night, instead of 8 like I usually do. Party Animal. Winking smile

Ok, seriously though, I’m off to go tackle something that probably needed my attention days ago. Like the empty fridge. Bad Mommy. Bad.

PS – look for an update later on the “For the Fallen” page. I have a lot of catching up to do on there, and plan to do so after my run tonight.

Focus, Micki… FOCUS!