Love // Hate

We all have love/hate relationships. It might your boss, a tv show, or even a family member [for the record I love all mine and only hate that we’re so far away]. As I pondered ever so randomly during my 4 miler this afternoon, plenty of love/hate scenarios entered my mind.

Running Tights

Love :: Um, duh! Warmth.

Hate :: That I feel like sausage stuffed in casing. I seriously need longer tops to cover my butt and thighs. Really, I should invest in running muumuus.

Running after Husband gets home from work

Love :: That I’m alone, can run with my music and can stop to re-tie my shoe without the pressure of someone asking, “MOMMY WHY STOP? RUN FAST MOMMY!!!!”

Hate :: Everyone cooking dinner at this time. Seriously, it’s hard running and smelling garlic chicken, pizza, and [what I think was] lasagna.

Nostalgic Music

Love :: Memories. Blink 182s Chesire Cat album? Summer Gym Jess, hell yes. Audioslave’s “Like a Stone”? Steve’s perfect rendition during our Senior Year talent show. Weezer? Singing to this with Stefanie at the top of our lungs. Ben Harper? Allie and her studio apartment.

Hate :: That I don’t have this anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret where life has taken me, but I can only make my husband listen to Miranda Lambert’s cd about 213487 times.

Chinese Food

Love :: It is a yummy, MSG infested, temporary fix.

Hate :: It is a yummy, MSG infested, temporary fix. Also, not ideal for running fuel.

Playing Fantasy Football with various members of the family

Love :: Its fun to be able to call/text/Facebook your opponent, talk some ‘friendly’ trash and see how the season plays out. Plus, you can always make fun bets; if you win your husband will *say* he’s making you banana pancakes. … still waiting on those…

Hate :: Um, I’m playing my father in law and I’m nervous. I want to win, of course but I also don’t want him to hate me. But, with that said, he researches the CRAP out of what he does and I don’t honestly stand a chance.

Self Imposed Competition

Love :: pushing myself.

Hate :: the “ohmygaaaaw I think I’m going to puke up my Chinese food” feeling. Definitely don’t want to see Kimchee Fried Rice twice.

Conversations with my Daughter

Love :: that she’s so cute and thoughtful

Hate :: that she always makes it political. I asked what she would do about the economy, to which she replied, “APPLE JUICE”. Toddlers these days.


Stealing pepperoni’s off the pizza

Love :: they’re pepperonis! what’s not to love!?

Hate :: that Husband always catches me doing it.

Love // Hate

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