A Yesterday In the Life…

So yesterday, Shut Up + Run posted a challenge/request, one in which she wanted to see what we did for the day. Well, that day I was being a typical stay at home mom/housewife a.k.a. being SUPER boring. I didn’t change out of pajamas at all, and spent the majority of the day cleaning blinds and making peach cobbler. See? Boring. So I’m going to try this one more time and try not to be a snoozefest. I probably will be anyway, that’s just who I am.

We woke up as a family around 745ish. This was nice, usually Kiddo wakes up around 7… I’ll admit I woke up to check to see if she was breathing, then skipped back to the bedroom for a few extra zzzz’s once I saw that she was, in fact, alive.

During the next hour we did the typical ‘wake up’ stuff. Teeth were brushed, the dogs were coerced out to go pee in the rain, a complicated and DIVINE breakfast was made and devoured. Ok, it was Chex, but still. We can’t all be Giada ok? From there, I tried searching the TV Guide for IM Kona**, but Sassy Pants was having NONE of that, since I was rudely interrupting Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I tried searching for a live stream online for about 23 seconds before I was distracted by something way more awesome. For those too lazy to click, it’s a link to the live elephant cam from the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. ** I’ll be talking a lot about this race. While I’ve never done any distance whatsoever of a triathlon [um, I don’t even own a bike], I dream of one day doing one, and I find them fascinating in every way possible. To me, a triathlete is beyond inspiring, and I respect them very much.

Finally found the streaming version on the web.

a picture of the cobbler, just to keep your attention

930 – Husband mentions he wants to run errands when he gets home from his run group. Plans for Kona watching CRUSHED.

1300ish – Return to the house after an excursion to the Post Exchange and Home Depot. Here we do lunch, but first I decided to prep the London Broil we’re having for dinner. Bad move, as apparently I’m having aversions to smells again and I about throw up everywhere. So, not only is my appetite ruined but I’m pretty sure I won’t be eating the same dinner as everyone else tonight.

1415 – Manage to eat an apple with success after Kiddo goes down for her nap. Check in with husband to see how the goods we purchased at our Home Depot visit are coming along. Notice I’m not doing much but taking pictures? Yeah… it’s better off this way, I don’t have the eye for this kind of thing and would be complaining about the ‘heavy’ bricks and ‘that they hurt my hands’ about 20 seconds in.

better him than me. trust me. i would have built a fort or something pointless.

1500 – Husband decides to head back to Home Depot, just as the marathon portion begins. This is my second favorite part of watching an Ironman. At this time I also decide to start Running on Faith  by Jason Lester, voted ESPY winner for Best Male Athlete with a Disability.

Crying by page 9. Nice.

1620 – By this time, Husband is back home, Kiddo is awake, and part 2 of the backyard facelift is complete. We’ll complete the project next weekend, because he’s starving and I’m supposed to cook dinner.

1700 – I’m yawning already. Hopefully I make it to the end of watching this race. What I really can’t wait for is my absolute favorite part – the regular athletes crossing the finish line. The raw emotions, the happiness, the tears – I absolutely love the passion.

2047 – Forget that I’m doing this… I was either lost in my book, showering, or forcing down dinner. Kiddo decides she’s going to stay up tonight, and I fall asleep by her bedside somewhere around 2130.

A Yesterday In the Life…