A Social Media Rant

I’ll start this off by saying that this is totally my fault. I’m the one with the Facebook and Google+ accounts, I don’t have a ghostwriter for Twitter and I check myself into FourSquare locations constantly – all of these programs are apparently essential to my life, and all have applications for on my Blackberry. A Blackberry which I hate, but am a slave too. My work emails go to it, I am notified when someone comments/tweets/likes/checks in on FourSquare – and get this: I have a certain chime for each app. Incredibly sad. That red blinking light is like a mistress to a politician or a gleaming blackjack table to a gambler. I just can’t ignore it.

With the uproar of the new Facebook, I’m putting a lot into perspective.

Another random disclaimer – I write my blog for me. Family and friends will read it, along with some internet blogging buddies I’ve made over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish the readers, and read every single comment – but that’s not who I do it for. I write for me, with my own words, with my own jumbled thoughts. You won’t find me posting three times a day [unless we’re caught in a huge Oklahoma snowstorm again Winking smile] or even posting about every single run.

I thought aloud to my husband yesterday ”I think… I think I might delete my Facebook account” to which he responded, “uh… Why?”. Well, it boils down to one certain thing, and I didn’t come to the realization of it until today [as sad as that may sound]. I don’t feel like I should be sharing details of my life with people I haven’t talked to in years.

Apparently, I’m too chicken to actually delete people off of Facebook. OH yes, the double edged sword conundrum. I thought about making lists, making one “people I’m willing to share mundane details with” and another “people who I don’t feel comfortable sharing with but don’t necessarily want to delete”. Until I got to the list making process. I got about a third of the way down, and was frustrated that I was even having to do this; it felt repetitive and annoying.

So, what to do? I don’t know. I go back and forth a lot with deleting the Facebook account, protecting my Tweets and cancelling the FourSquare account [… which I think I’ll actually do once I’m done blogging]. I mean really, WHO CARES if I’m the mayor of whatever bakery. Seriously. When I’m worm food, I don’t want to be remembered as the mom that was constantly on her phone during her daughter’s dance recital.

I’m putting the phone down, closing my laptop up and letting go [slowly] of social media. While I am not the world’s biggest fan of being on the phone, going back to calling loved ones and friends is the way to do it. Not just by simply commenting on a photo or retweeting what they say.

My life is not interesting. I need to quit acting as though it is.

With all of this said, blogging will always remain. Like running, it is an outlet. I’ve been blessed to meet people, and I will never take that for granted. Smile Thanks for sticking with me through numerous ups and downs – each and every one of you inspire me in some way, shape or form.

A Social Media Rant

Fall Has Arrived

Well, here in the Pacific Northwest anyway [sorry Southerners] and I luckily, albeit lazily, have been able to capture some of its moments on camera.



and a spinning princess for good measure Winking smile


Fall Has Arrived