Silver Lining

Hey guys!

I think I’m going to stop mentioning how busy we constantly are – just take that as a “life’s constant” and remember it whenever I stop blogging for a few days… Winking smile

Also, I have zero energy and am feeling ever so gross – bear with me, please!

While I have the typical pregnancy downs, there are days where I feel relatively normal. Yesterday I was able to squeeze in a quick three miler, and I’m hoping to do the same tonight. I haven’t run in almost two weeks, so I felt slow and awkward but I felt so incredibly blessed to have even had the chance to run. Running “my” route, with Silly in tow; I just felt so lucky to be out there. My pace was eeeeeverywhere, but I’m ok with that. I had some aches and pains, but nothing unexpected from a two week break.

With yesterday’s 3 miler, and the 14 miler I went on with Amanda a couple of weeks ago, I have run 17 miles for the following fallen soldiers:

Marine Staff Sgt. James W. Cawley

Marine Lance Cpl. William W. White

Army Sgt. Eugene Williams

Army Pfc. Diego Fernando Rincon

Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph B. Maglione

Army Sgt. Jacob L. Butler

Army Master Sgt. George A. Fernandez

Marine Pfc. Christian D. Gurtner

Marine Lance Cpl. Brian E. Anderson

Army Chief Warrant Scott Jamar

Navy Lt. Nathan D. White

Army Sgt. Michael F. Pedersen

Army Spc. Mathew G. Boule

Army Capt. James F. Adamouski

Army Chief Warrant Officer Eric A. Smith

Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Erik A. Halvorsen

Army Sgt. Todd J. Robbins

MAR 2003 APR 2003

Silver Lining

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