Big News! Seriously – HUGE!!!!!


I haven’t blogged since I was in North Carolina. We came home, and basically hit the ground running [the phrase is ironic, since I haven’t laced up the shoes since my last 14 miler with Amanda] with planning for the kiddo’s birthday party, hosting family, working… you know the drill.

But now, the dust has settled. During all of this, I have also decided that I am not running the Marine Corps Marathon.

I’m not injured.

I’m not undertrained.

I’m just pregnant. Winking smile 

Holy WOW, right!?

We’ve been trying for over six months, so imagine my surprise when I had to take a pregnancy test at my in-law’s house just two weeks into my visit!

Now. I know women run marathons while pregnant. I will root any woman on, that makes that decision. Husband and I decided, that is not the route we’re willing to take. We’ve waited so long for this, and to risk it is just silly. There will always be marathons.

With that said, I know I can defer this race to next year. In thinking about it, that might not be a good idea – I’ll be training for a marathon with a three year old and a five month old baby. Not to mention, the hassle of travelling there, packing, taking car seats – all, possibly SOLO, pending Husband’s deployment.

So, I’ve decided to transfer the marathon to a willing runner. I know it’s last minute, but it truly is a once in a lifetime chance! We also have a hotel room in the Virginia Suites that we’re willing to sell.

Please get in contact with me if this is something you would like to do!

Check back later for a list of soldier’s I’ve run for, and a trailer to a movie near and dear to my heart. Smile

Big News! Seriously – HUGE!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Big News! Seriously – HUGE!!!!!

  1. Congrats! So exciting! And your right, you can always run, but you can’t always be pregnant(of course I’m super infertile so thats just my point of view).

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy! I came across your blog through Mile Posts and subscribed since I’m training for my first, probably only, marathon in October (Nike W. M. in San Francisco – but wish it was the Marine Corps Marathon) and it was going to be fun to read about your training as I trained. Keep reading those Mile Posts blogs and I bet you will be out there pushing a double stroller training for the next one!

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