I’ll Get There

So while on Best Blogging Blind Date Ever run with Amanda, she helped me realize one thing: I had a little too much distance on my plate, starting seemingly early in my training plan. I can’t recall what training plan I was even basing mine off of, but I definitely think that her thoughts on this are correct. With a ‘step down’ week in-between, I had 18, 18, 20, 22, 20 remaining on my schedule for the Marine Corps Marathon.

I think this error might have stemmed from a bit of creative freedom I took with plans, but either way, I have cleaned it up considerably and will only be doing one 20 miler. I understand that some plans have both 20 and 22 milers but honestly, I’m not trying to be a hero. Just the experience and crossing the finish line will be enough for me, and in future races I can focus on my time. I’ll admit that this is quite the pill for me to swallow, because I want a goal time, I WANT to finish at a certain pace – so to throw that out of the window and “just finish” is quite the challenge. Reminding myself that this marathon will be my first, and be more emotional than physical, definitely helps.

This is also helping me adapt to a *slight* change in schedule with my being in North Carolina for almost a month. While here, I would have done an 18, 20 and 22 miler [I think?]. But now, a bit of pressure is off. Don’t get me wrong, my confidence was definitely boosted when Amanda and I completed the 13 miler. This makes me feel that even though the weather is slowing me down and turning me into a complete pile of useless dung, I CAN do mileage here. Also, while I’m here, I’m not putting the numbers in my plan, in stone. While I have a 15 and 18 miler now on the schedule, I have given myself a week’s leeway, to where I can do the 18 when I get home. I’m ok with this. The last thing I need is to dehydrate or hurt myself/pass out for something that could have waited a week or two.

Anyway. Thanks for listening to my rambling. And, of course, THANK YOU to all that have continued faith in me, when I have had zero confidence in myself. I tend to jump off the deep end with emotions [good or bad], especially when it comes to running; hearing your input on everything from parenting to high mileage makes me realize that I CAN do this, and I will. Thanks again Smile

I’ll Get There

4 thoughts on “I’ll Get There

  1. Is this your first marathon?!? Wow! I thought by the way you were talking about your training and the mileage, you were an old hat at this! I would agree – take it back a notch. Relax and enjoy this journey. No matter what time you post, it will be a PR. You don’t want to burn yourself out. You are doing great!

  2. My plan had two 18-milers and one 20-miler. I made my B goal… my A goal was missed by 8 minutes. But anyway, glad to hear you got some light shed on your long runs… can’t wait to see how you do!

    1. Thanks lady!! I’ve actually thought about doing two 18 milers, and moving the 20 miler back, in place of where the 22 miler *would have* been.

      I’m overthinking this. way. too. much.

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