Man, It’s a Hot One…

Like seven inches from the mid-day’s sun… Can you believe that came out in 1999? I feel old.

Anyway. This morning’s run was HOT, disgustingly humid, mentally draining, but AWESOME. Oh, what’s that? You want to know why??

Because of this little lady right here. Seriously, if it wasn’t for her, I would have maybe done 6 miles and called it a day. While I did my fair share of walking, she kept me motivated the entire way! We talked about everything under the sun; from our kids, to sweaty Army man laundry. Just finding someone to talk to for 13 miles can be tough – but I felt like I’ve known her for awhile! It’s funny how our lives almost mirror one another in many aspects; I can’t wait for our next long run! I just wish I could pick her family up and take them home with me Smile

As hard as it was, I really am ok with my time. The weather in Washington is drastically different, I really am spoiled with 55 degree weather and zero humidity.

I know this entry is shorter than what you’re used too… I am crazy busy and I had some additional stories assigned to me. I better get moving if I want to get them done ahead of time!

Today, I ran for the following fallen soldiers:

Army Pfc. Howard Johnson II

Marine Pvt. Nolen R. Hutchings

Marine Lance Cpl. Michael J. Williams

Marine Sgt. Michael E. Bitz

Marine 2nd Lt. Frederick E. Pokorney Jr.

Marine Cpl. Jorge A. Gonzalez

Marine Cpl. Jose A. Garibay

Army Spc. Jamaal R. Addison

Marine Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Slocum

Marine Cpl. Randal Kent Rosacker

Army Master Sgt. Robert J. Dowdy

Marine Cpl. Patrick R. Nixon

Marine Staff Sgt. Phillip A. Jordan

march 2003

Man, It’s a Hot One…

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