Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

I’m a nerd. ** ironically, this is my 300th post. NERDING OUT. **

Unlike everyone and their mom, I actually don’t use DailyMile. I did. But I only logged 70something workouts, plus I really like writing stuff down so that it’s permanent.

So, without further ado, here are some numbers and favorite tidbits from my running journal Smile

22 AUG 2010 [very first entry]

Little Miami Half Marathon – Morrow, OH [very first half marathon]

2:10:10 // 9:55

“Super flat course; FUN!”

17 SEP 2010

United States Air Force Half Marathon – Dayton, OH

2:05:53 // 9:36

“Great race! Annoyed at walkers and pace group. Guess I PR’ed, hehe…”

09 DEC 2010 [first run at Fort Sill]

4 miles // 39:05 // 9:45

“Fort Sill is hilly and cold! Windy and cold!”

28 JAN 2011 [hardest run of my life!!]

9 miles // 1:26 // 9:37

“OMFG. Easily, the most physically demanding run of my life. First off, had Silly in her stroller. It was 77 and sunny, but windy as HELL… Didn’t have a GU and had to steal pretzels from the kiddo… hills were beyond brutal, an ice bath never felt so good. I DID find a dollar and a cop pulled us over to give Silly a stuffed bear. She named it Cheese.”

08 MAR 2011 [first run at Fort Lewis]

2.87 miles // 26:47 // 9:19

“Not bad. Ran with Husband and kiddo – not running with the stroller felt nice. Went a lot better than it should have…”

20 MAY 2011 [longest stroller run]

10 miles // 1:33:xx // 9:21

“Miles 1-7.5 I was cruisin’ and had it in the bag. Mentally struggled for about a mile, then was focused on coming home. Love how I felt afterward – just the right amount of hurt. Stroller run.”

25 JUN 2011

Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

2:06:16 // 9:37

“I will take it, considering trainging sucked this last month! Rough, mentally challenging run. Jon helped me get through a lot… I was wanting a 2:07 finish, so I’m happy. Kicking myself for not pushing it for 16 seconds and tying a PR…”

06 AUG 2011 [longest run ever!]

15 miles // 2:21:08 // 9:24

“Longest run ever. No, really! So proud! Didn’t really wake up until mile 4. Felt good, overall. Really focused on the soldiers I was running for, and the 31 killed in the helicopter crash”

22 AUG 2011 

8 miles // 1:14:12 // 9:16

“Had to split this up due to heat… 4 outside… Tough at mile 2. Legs felt so heavy. Ran hills before heading into the gym to run 4 more. Not bad”

Miles covered in my running journal :: 452.88

Lowest month :: NOV 2010, only 11 miles! Yikes! This is the month I moved from Ohio to Oklahoma. Funny trend; in the months of March and April my mileage was the lowest of 2011, when we were moving from Oklahoma to Washington.

Highest month :: JAN 2011, 70 miles. For what it’s worth, I’m at 68 for this month, so I plan to squish this soon Winking smile

PR’s :: half marathon – 2:05 :: mile – 8:17 :: 2 mile – 16:36

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

4 thoughts on “Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

  1. Yep, moving always hits my monthly mileage pretty hard!! Fun running journal. Maybe I should do this too since like you said, DM is just not tangible. =/

    See you in the morning!! I’ll text you in a little bit to iron out details! Wanna try to hit yoga at 9:30? So run early enough to be done and make yoga? It’s up to you!

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