Update, update, update

I’m in North Carolina and finally have a minute to blog. The past couple of days have been a whirlwind – scouting out the area, trying to keep the child within my reins of discipline [trust me, it is harder said than done] while she is surrounded by new toys and cuddly grandparents Winking smile, and bumbling around town trying to get things done before my mother in law goes back to teaching.

While here I have run one mile. One, measly, stupid, pointless mile. The weather here wasn’t the problem. There aren’t sidewalks in the neighborhood, there are tight turns [that everyone takes at 50 mph]everywhere and what yard is available to run on has overgrown brush that spills onto the street – needless to say, I do NOT feel safe running on the road here. This is my fault, as I very well could have done my recon and found a decent place to run, but I didn’t. Sad smile Today while out with my mother in law I finally found a LONG stretch of road that has a sidewalk, so I think I’ll be running that as soon as I get the chance.

Anyway, since being here I’ve turned into quite the bookworm, reading both Drowning Ruth and Beautiful Lies – both of which were down right amazing. I would recommend these books to anyone. I’ve started Animal Dreams and I can’t say that it’s caught my attention just yet. I always say that if I’m 50 pages into a book and I still don’t like it I’ll drop it – I have about 20 pages to go and am holding hope but with that said there are SO many books here that demand attention. Who am I to say no? Winking smile

Hopefully I’ll be writing tomorrow with a running recap. *sigh*

Today, I ran a mile for the following soldier ::

Air Force Lt. Col. John Stein // July 8, 1953 – March 23, 2003
LtCol Stein, 39, of Bardolph, Illinois was assigned to the 41st Rescue Squadron, out of Moody Air Force Base. He commissioned into the Army at the age of 25, entered flight school and went Air Force. During his career, he had flown nearly 4,000 hours. His son wrote a very touching tribute and I urge you to go read it. You can find it here

Update, update, update

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