Little Bit ‘O Link Love


Happy Friday! Here are some recent blogs/sites I’ve bookmarked.

What I Wore (On My Run) :: My brother in law sent me this link, and I absolutely love it. Cutest running fashion blog ever. A former NCAA Cross Country Championship finisher, she provides tips on appropriate running apparel and gear. Yes ladies, you can look cute while running. I personally am so tired of boxy shirts and awkward shorts, and Taylor gives awesome pointers on what to wear according to weather. She also is coming back from a 15 month long injury [!!!!!] that required crutches, surgery and therapy. Yeah. Worth a read. I promise.

A Soldier’s Perspective :: Awesome blog, by author and Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham. He’ll be detailing his deployment in Afghanistan as much as possible, but instead of being out on the frontlines, this time his rank has him “chained to a desk and fed crackers and water”. He is hilarious, honest, conservative and an honorable soldier that opted to deploy instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Yoga Journal Sequence Builder :: A good friend of mine passed this along. And, it. is. amazing. As you all know I’m always practicing yoga at home, and doing online ‘classes’. This is a great way to branch out and build my own sequence, letting things flow naturally in the way that I like. Plus, they have poses for each skill level – everything from your basic pose to crazy inverted headstand-balancing-on-your-nose-while-twiddling-your-toes pose.

Coconut Flour Recipes :: Being the gluten free newbie I am, I thought I was basically going to have to live life without cookies, cakes and other delicious bakery staples. Wrong. A little bit of coconut flour and I’m good to go. SO happy I found this site!!

Marathon Talk :: Podcast, brought to my attention by a fellow blogger. This site is pretty cool, and as you can imagine, it talks running. While I have yet to complete a marathon, there are excellent pointers for not only the physical effort towards training and racing, but also good advice on how to handle it mentally. There’s podcasts with Paula Radcliffe, Scott Jurek, Desiree Ficker, Jeff Galloway, and Dean Karnazes. The inner nerd in me also loves the tidbits of running history that they talk about, as well as various marathon results from around the globe. Definitely makes you appreciate your fellow running brethren, even if they are half a world away and elite Winking smile

Y is for Yogini and Yoga Dork :: They’re hilarious, bottom line. Honestly, until I came across these blogs, I felt like I wasn’t good enough to take a class in a studio, and that I should keep to my at-home yoga practice because the pretentious yogis that I have in mind would scoff at me. Um, no. While I have yet to get to a studio, there isn’t a huge mental block as there was before. These two sites really drive the point home – yoga is fun. yoga helps you. try yoga.

Little Bit ‘O Link Love

2 thoughts on “Little Bit ‘O Link Love

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! I am having so much fun with it and really appreciate your shout out; this made my day!

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