Mediocre Run

Man. I just cannot have a run where my mind remembers my Garmin. I ran with it every time – seriously, it’s mind boggling how often I just zone out and forget about it. This time around I forgot to start it back up after a stoplight [thankfully I caught on about a minute later] and neglected to stop it while I was helping kids catch their loose dog. For the record, this is the THIRD dog I’ve caught in a week! Just call me the dog whisperer. Winking smile

My name is Micki, and I suck at fueling. I forget to eat, and will then not eat enough to fuel a run. I had breakfast, but then snacked on random stuff throughout the day – a bite here, a bite there… I really felt the lack of food right around mile 5.5, where I was getting a bit light headed. I stopped and gathered myself for a few minutes and really had to talk to myself ”this isn’t happening… you’re fine… just a mile and change left, you’ve done this so many times before…” Not kidding, I came home and laid down on the floor right away. Yeaaaah, I’m an idiot.

Anyway, this is the first time I ran an average of sub 9 miles for the entire run. Something I’d originally be pretty proud of, but I’ll admit I’m not because I had to stop, a lot. For stoplights, dogs, lightheadedness, refilling the water bottle. Blah. Oh well. I feel better that I got the run in, that is for sure.

Today, I ran for the following military members:

Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher J. Speer // September 9, 1973 – August 7, 2002
SFC Speer, 28, of Albuquerque New Mexico, was assigned to U.S. Army Special Operations Command out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Just days before he received fatal injuries, SFC Speer rescued two wounded Afghan children, eventhough he had to walk across a minefield to get to them. The circumstances of his death are worth a read, which I strongly encourage you to take a look at. . He left behind a wife and two children.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Anissa A. Shero // October 5, 1970 – June 12, 2002
SSgt Shero, 31, of Grafton, West Virginia, was assigned to the 16th Special Operations Wing out of Hurlburt Field, Florida. From a small town, SSgt Shero enlisted in the Air Force in 1992, and married a Special Forces airman in September of 2001. Being a humble individual, her family didn’t even know that she had received medals, until they had read about them in the paper. She was killed when a MC-130H Combat Talon he was on, crashed and caught fire after taking off from an airstrip in Afghanistan. She was also the first Air Force female casualty in Afghanistan.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Peter P. Tycz II // January 2, 1970 – June 12, 2002
SFC Tycz, 32, of Tonawanda, New York, was assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was the kind of soldier that took his job as a Medic seriously,and was ready and willing to make sacrifices to save others. SFC Tyczleft behind his wife, and five daughters; ranging in ages 1-9 at the time of his death. He was killed when the MC-130H Combat Talon he was on, crashed and caught fire after taking off from an airstrip in Afghanistan.

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Sean M. Corlew // June 2, 1965 – June 12, 2002
TSgt Corlew, 37, of Thousand Oaks, California, was assigned to the 16th Special Operations Wing, based out of Hurlburt Field, Florida. Fascinated by flying at an early age, he joined the Air Force and went on numerous operations, including Persian Gulf and Desert Storm. He leaves behind his wife, Amy, and their two children. TSgt Corlew was killed in a MC-130H Combat Talon crash.

Army Sgt. Gene Arden Vance Jr. // November 30, 1963 – May 19, 2002
Sgt. Vance, 38, of Morgantown, West Virginia was assigned to the 19th Special Forces Unit with the West Virginia National Guard based out of Morgantown, West Virginia. Described as quiet, he put his honeymoon and further schooling on hold when called up for deployment. He was killed when he was hit by enemy fire. He is survived by his wife, Lisa and daughter, Amber. FoxNews ran a story on Sgt. Vance, that really showcases him as a soldier. Find it

Army Staff Sgt. Brian T. Craig // April 2, 1975 – April 15, 2002
Ssgt Craig, 27, of Houston, Texas was assigned to the 710th Explosive Ordnance Detachment, in San Diego, California. A roommate from Fort Richardson says, “ I can only define him as what is best in all men. He loved his job, his friends and was one of the few people that you could truly count on do his best under any circumstance”. Ssgt Craig was killed while disposing of explosives near Kandahar.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Daniel A. Romero // February 5, 1972 – April 15, 2002
SFC Romero, 30, of Lafayette, Colorado was assigned to the 19th Special Forces Group, with the Colorado National Guard. In high school he took classes in Latin, Russian and German, then joined the Colorado Army National Guard specializing in communications. SFC Romero was killed while disposing of explosives near Kandahar, and leaves behind wife, Stephanie.

Mediocre Run

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