Looking For Advice…

So last night, I made a little list out of things I wanted to conquer today. They included knocking out the long run early, a trip to the bank, then rounding up with a quick Target visit before getting home at a decent time for the little one’s nap time.

None of this happened. Totally fine with that. I had much bigger fish to fry.

Instead, I worked on getting both Silly and I to North Carolina for a few weeks. Why? As you may recall, my father in law had a recent health scare. While he is almost fully capable, he can’t drive, and he needs help getting around town. My mother in law is a teacher, and will be returning to work soon; so the three visits per week to various appointments fall on the less than accommodating wheelchair service that the city provides.

The decision was easy – I’m going out there with Silly, for as long as possible. Leaving mid-month, our tentative return date is somewhere around mid September. We’re in a position to do this, and without question we’ll be there; I’m so excited! It will be fun, laid back, comfortable, and Kiddo is going to have a blast.

In fact, I’ve already exchanged some emails with my uber hip sister in law on where to go, cafes to cozy up in, and of course, yoga studios to scout out. Then, it dawned on me – my training schedule. CRAP. I glanced at my calendar, and realized I have 18, 20, and 22 milers on tap while I’m in North Carolina.

So, I need to run something by you guys – Exactly what is [or should be] protocol for this? I feel like a complete jerk even asking because I’m there to help; but running those miles is absolutely crucial. Should I start the run early enough to finish before my daughter wakes up? Would starting my run after she goes to bed be completely out of the question? Running that far with a stroller makes me cringe, would you suggest splitting the run in half? I’d love to hear any suggestions/advice. Smile

Looking For Advice…

5 thoughts on “Looking For Advice…

  1. Chris says:

    My advice is get up early and run. Nothing will be on your “calendar” at that time so it can’t get pushed out of the way. Plus, early morning = coolest temps and that will be helpful, too. You can do this!

  2. i don’t think any of those options are out of the question.. the main thing, as you know, is training your body to run for 3-4 hours at a time. as long as you get the time in, i think you’ll be fine.

  3. The only way I think a mom of a toddler can do a long run and not have it suck (like it would after a very long day) is just get up really, really early. I sometimes start at 430. I’m tired at first, but then I am done without taking much time away from family at all. I recommend having a chocolate milk, or smoothie or something waiting in the fridge to slam when you get done. It helps with keeping up your energy level, and you may not have time to flop on the floor after the run. I don’t always get to stretch, but try and make sure I do it before bedtime then. You very well may be tired all day after a 20 miler started that early, but you don’t do many of them, and it’s so much better to just get it done and move on with the day. In other words, you’ll survive a couple exhausting days after your long runs. Good luck!

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