Holy Yoga, Y’all…


I haven’t done yoga in about 5 months, and I. CAN. TELL.

Anyway, as part of my challenge, last night I was reading about yoga for bedtime, something I haven’t really delved into. While there are light, gentle poses for a pre-bedtime routine, I opted to go with some breathing techniques. This is going to sound awfully dumb and “I SAW THE LIGHT”ish, but I don’t remember falling asleep, or tossing and turning throughout the night. Sweet.

Today during the kiddo’s naptime, I decided to go ahead and do one of my favorite sessions from Yoga Today. Um, yeah, I realize now that it was a favorite because I was a limp noodle was back in the day, as opposed to being the piece of beef jerky I am now. [can you tell I’m hungry??] There was a lot of pausing, extra breathing between poses, re-aligning, and general discomfort, but I managed to brain dumb the negativity and make it through.

I also noticed that starting yoga back up was a lot harder than I remember – my left side would barely move. Not kidding. Just stretching my left arm back towards a wall ‘pulls’ more than my effortless right arm. My left heel coming up during down dog didn’t go as far as my right. I could dig deeper into warrior pose with my right knee, not so much with the left. I clearly have work to do, people!!!

Yoga was also a bit challenging because I was set up in the living room, right next to the pup that farts in his sleep. I don’t know if there’s a rotting animal in his belly or WHAT, but dude was stinking up the joint like you wouldn’t believe.



Anyway, I’m off to eat a late lunch, possibly clock some playground time, and maybe run later. Eventually, I’ll get to the laundry. I swear.

Holy Yoga, Y’all…

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