Thankful Thursdays

I'll take it. For now.

– Um, yeah. I, FOR ONCE, am thankful for our current weather. While I wish it would stop raining and get warmer, I’m not too keen on hearing about the heat wave that is hitting the rest of the nation.

– I am thankful for my child being a fan of broccoli. Seriously. She’ll put away ice cream [raaarely] with the best of them, but will also fight you for a head of ‘bohk-ee’

– Quinoa. All nutrional bonuses [bonii? plethora of bonus?] aside, it tastes awesome and is super versatile. Cold/hot/in a soup/on it’s own – totally edible, and gluten free.

– Crayolas. Scribbling, coloring, those are staples right? Did you know, that a toddler will spend hours taking the paper wrapping off of crayons, only to be found COVERED in mutilated paper and chunks of color chips under her nails? Oh yes.

– My husband’s calm/cool/collected demeanor. Seriously. The world could be ending tonight, and he would be the first to comment on how lovely the sky looks. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again – I need to take a page from his book.

Simply awesome.

– Garmin’s Virtual Partner training thingy. Just cuz.

– Fresh fruit. Except for when you buy them at Costco, thinking you and your family can eat all 5 pounds of strawberries, only to have them go bad. sadface.

– I’m UBER thankful that my toddler loves going to the grocery store. I have seen many-a-meltdown, and while I can’t relate, I totally sympathize.

– Again, being a part of Run to Remember is something I’m grateful for. They have hill workouts or speed work every Thursday night, and I know for a FACT I wouldn’t be out there on my own. Husband has staff duty tonight, so I nixed the idea of going to the speed work session, until a friend of mine mentioned I could still go – but I’d be running on the outside lane with the stroller. Nice. 

Thankful Thursdays

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. I have yet to try Quinoa…. need a good recipe I think. Also, you should be thankful for your weather, this heatwave is torture for us Canadians!

  2. I love quiona but cN never seem to remember how to spell it. I love thereat, guess you don’t want to hear about torontos record breaking heat, almost 50 degrees celisuis with humidity. It’s fantastic, and hot hot.

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