Summer Fun Photo Challenge 13.31

Day 13 :: Myself with 13 Things [kind of]

random random random

I have a huge superstition against  the number 13, so I purposely did more…

:: me. in running shoes. naturally.

:: my Texas hat. the only one Dieter hasn’t chewed up!!

:: you can barely see it, but my Kindle is underneath that.

:: the picture is of The Optimist, ‘dancing’ with the kiddo when she was just hours old.

:: under that photo, is a couple of envelopes of treasured family photos.

:: the notebook is a small scrapbook of memories that the husband and I have had over the years.

:: right beside the notebook is a self portrait my brother drew. I LOVE his artwork, and this drawing represents him perfectly 🙂

:: beside Kenny’s drawing is a framed Tumi, representitive of my Peruvian culture.

:: resting against Kenny’s photo is my husband’s Air Defense mascot, a medal rendition of the Oozlefinch.

:: right next to the Tumi frame is our beloved Denver Broncos ornament. We actually have this hanging in the house year round – The Optimist is John Elway’s biggest fan.

Next to that is a stack of stuff

:: my daily reference Bible, that YES I do read.

:: above that is a Sue Grafton novel – I will read the series, dammit!!

:: the baby monitor. of course.

:: dangling on the monitor are my old dog tags. miss wearing those.

:: resting up against the books is the Presidential Coin I received from President Bush.

:: front & center is a bullet shell from the 21 gun salute at my older brothers’ funeral.

Summer Fun Photo Challenge 13.31

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