Summer Fun Photo Challenge 10.31

Day 10 :: Childhood Memory

bringing two sides of the world together

I couldn’t pick just one memory, so I combined the two. We lived in Peru for a couple of years during my childhood, and as any kid is, I loved candy. To this day, I will guard my Doña Pepa’s – a chocolate wafer covered in sprinkles. I like to throw my Cua Cua’s [another chocolate wafer] in the freezer, or crush them and throw them over some vanilla ice cream. The tractor stems from memories on my grandparent’s farm in rural, southwest Missouri. The part of the state that says “Miss-uh-ruh”, not “Meh-sur-eee” – I love little Lockwood, and catching lightning bugs after a ride on Grandpa’s  tractor is a ‘happy place’ I don’t visit in my mind enough!

Summer Fun Photo Challenge 10.31

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