Sickly Sunday

i wish i looked this cute, ever.

We had full intentions on waking up this morning and heading to Portland for a visit with this little lady, and to watch her husband compete in a triathlon. Cue morning muster, and my throat feels like it has been rubbed raw with sandpaper, and Silly is sneezing and coughing. Not only that, but a drippy nose completed the trifecta. I hate drippy noses, let a lone on a toddler. You can tell them a million times not to wipe it with the back of their hand, but they always will. *GAG*  Sadly, we had to cancel the trip down. 😦 We bummed around the house all day, and sometime in the midafternoon I decided to try for a run.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I was able to clear my nose throat head pressure a bit, and since I was stroller free, I found myself flying. Well, in my terms, anyway. I hit up some back trails around American Lake, and was happier than ever. I call trails my first love, and it is totally true – I began running with randomly bought [and totally wrong for me] Adidas somethings, without a watch, sans iPod; just me, the trees, some air, and fleeting feet. I felt that again today and felt amazing. No matter the quality of the run, it took a somber tone every time a new mile ticked over. Who I was running for today, really hit home – these kids were so young. At their age, I wasn’t even thinking about the responsibility of joining the military, I was more focused about what frat house I’d be at that weekend. Tough stuff. Makes me really appreciate living life, and making sure I live it to my full potential. I owe it to them.

Today, I ran for these fallen military members:

Navy Electrician’s Mate Fireman Apprentice Michael J. Jakes Jr. / March 8, 1981 – December 4, 2001 

Apprentice Jakes Jr., 20, of Brooklyn New York, was stationed on the carrier Kitty Hawk, based at Yokosuka Naval Fleet Activities, Japan. He died of fatal head injuries after falling off his bunk aboard the carrier, in the Arabian Sea. The most I can find about Jakes Jr. is that his death was under investigation – as far as his personal life goes, I can’t find a thing. 

Army Pvt. 2 Giovanny Maria // September 25, 1982 – November 29, 2001 

PV2 Maria, 19, of Queens, New York City was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division, out of Fort Drum, New York. He was killed 29 NOV 2001, by a non-combat weapons discharge. From what I can gather, his death rocked the platoon, and his passing was a tremendous loss.  Ages like PV2 Maria’s are hard for me to read – for them to make the decision to join the military at such a young age really says something about them.

Navy Electronics Tech 3rd Class Benjamin Johnson // September 22, 1980 – November 18, 2001 

Johnson, 21, of Rochester, N.Y was based at Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia and served aboard the USS Peterson. He drowned aboard an Iraqi freighter that sank on 18 NOV 2001, in the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately, I can’t find personal information about Johnson, other than his birthdate. Sadly, I am finding this to be the case with younger individuals.

Navy Engineman 1st Class Vincent Parker // January 19, 1963 – November 18, 2001 

Parker, 38, of Preston, Michigan was based at Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia and served aboard the USS Peterson. He drowned aboard an Iraqi freighter that sank on 18 NOV 2001, in the Persian Gulf. Parker joined the Navy after graduating from high school, and was supposed to be on his last tour of duty before his retirement from the military. He left behind a wife and two children.

Navy Machinist’s Mate Fireman Apprentice Bryant L. Davis / September 21, 1981 – November 7, 2001 

Davis, 20, of Chicago, was stationed on the carrier Kitty Hawk, which was home-ported at Yokosuka Naval Fleet Activities, Japan.  He died when he fell overboard, on 7 NOV 2001. I can’t really find much on him, except that he joined the military after facing pressure to join a gang; finishing his GED before entering the Navy.  

Sickly Sunday

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