Jon’s Run

Wow, today was a rough run. A week or so ago, I developed this brilliant idea at the time to honor my brother on his birthday. Since he would have been 41, I decided to run the equivalent to 41 laps around a track. There was NO WAY in the world I’d ever run 41 laps around a track, so running 10.25 miles sounded like the best way to go. I imagine Jon would rather I eat some teriyaki beef jerky, down it with some [fake] Guinness and go fishing in the afternoon, but of course that would be EASY and I have to make things difficult.

Knowing that the forecast called for a bright and sunny day hitting the mid-80s, I opted to get a run in as soon as the kiddo would let me. Breakfast was served [for her. I apparently forgot to eat], clothes were changed and we were ready to roll. We set out just as the cool of the morning was lifting, and thought “this weather is perfect for a 10 miler”. A couple of miles ticked by, and the sun started to move closer to high noon, and I was definitely sweating. A few more miles goes by and I notice that I had stopped sweating. Crap. I haven’t really hydrated all that well… you can see where this is going, right? I figured I’d keep my body busy, and down a GU – probably the earliest I’ve ever had one during a run before, but I figured desperate times called for desperate measures.

Couple of more miles go slowly by, Silly is well into her nap, and I’m left with just a fourth of my water bottle. Runs like these, are why I carry my wallet with me. I tuck into the shoppette, and buy the biggest water bottle I can find. By this time, I can see my arms turning pink [I naturally forgot to apply sunscreen to myself, but Silly was taken care of…] and I’m still 3 miles from home. 2.5 of these miles are set on a very L-O-N-G stretch of lonely road, completely void of any shade whatsoever. This was, by far, the most challenging point of the run. I was tired and hot, my warm skin was riddled with salt residue, and I just wanted to get home.

I bonked with a mile to go. No joke, I stopped about 4 times in the last mile, even twice while I was just in my neighborhood. I was happy to reach the house, and I immediately went straight to the freezer and grabbed a popsicle. I’m sure Jon thought I was quite the idiot – not fueling properly, not hydrating, not applying sunscreen, and not finishing strong – that’s what I get for not going the beef jerky/fishing route. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to kick this run’s butt, and not suffer through it!

But, here I am, happier than ever. Even with my arm hairs turned blonde by the sun, a sock tan and burnt legs. I did this for Jon. I definitely asked him for help – I thought about him every step of the way. Memories, stories, photos, questions that will never be answered – it was all there. I’m sad, yes. That is a given. But I can safely say that today, I felt him there with me. I just wish he could’ve offered to push the damn stroller 😉

Jon’s Run

3 thoughts on “Jon’s Run

  1. sock tan and blonde arm hairs, thats a good run no matter what. Okay, really though. Jon’s run is much more than that. I love it!

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