Why Knees, WHY?!

This morning we set out on a 5 miler with Run to Remember. Honestly, I was wrestling with the idea of doing this much, as they also offer a 3 miler. My training plan called for 4, and I got to feeling a bit ambitious, so we decided on the 5. BAD IDEA, for numerous reasons. Oh hindsight, where art thou?

We set off on the run, and I had even/negative splits the entire time, and it felt effortless. I accredit this to my friend, Elizabeth, because she’s super fast and badass. She’s a triathlete whose qualified for Kona numerous times, so, basically I know a famous person. Anyway, here’s a look at my first 3 miles.

not bad, not bad

And here’s a look at my NEXT few miles…

Micki says whaaaaaaaaaa?

One might say, “Oh, tough run, you clearly started out too strong”. No. No, no. I ran until the wheels fell off the stroller. No, really, THE WHEEL FELL OFF THE STROLLER. TWICE!!!! The kiddo is fine, no worries. But DANG!! It was scary – just running the trails like nothing, then you’re skidding off to the side of the trail; simultaneously praying your kid’s ok, and cursing the wheel.

The Optimist fixed it. It’s fine. We think bolts were rattled loose with all the usage it gets, and also with the rocks on the trails. But of course, from then on, Silly decided she had enough. I stopped A LOT, had to run by her side – she cried, whined, definitely put up a fuss. I don’t blame her. The run turned out to be closer to 6 miles, but of course, I had forgot to start my Garmin. Go figure.

The hills killed my legs, and surprisingly my back. During the half, the hills were gradual, and I wasn’t pushing/holding onto falling resistance. The downhills messed up my knees, and my 8 miler for tomorrow is shot. Honestly though, I’m not worried about it. I KNOW I can run 8. I’m going to take the next two days off, because I have a 10.25 miler on Tuesday that I WILL do, even if I have to crawl it.

Bottom line – Getting old is annoying. I will now sit back with some hot chocolate and watch the manly man beat his chest and he plays his manly video games, while drinking his manly beer.

MLB something or other.
Why Knees, WHY?!

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