New Route

Finally broke my habit of the same roads, and went across the street to McChord Air Force Base. We drove around there recently, and I found myself saying, “Man, this would make a great run”. Paved trails everywhere, well off of the road; perfect for my little running partner in crime. The skies were gray and it looked like the sky was about to open up, so I figured I’d better make this quick.

note to self :: research botox

About 2 miles in, it started spitting but thankfully that was the worst it got. With that said, it was WINDY. Holy crap it was frustrating. So. incredibly. windy. But we finished the run in 46:16 with a 9:13 pace, so I’ll take it. Thankfully we didn’t run into any low flying aircraft. Bonus.

How to know if you're on an Air Force base......

New Route

One thought on “New Route

  1. Running in the wind is so hard! I like warm rainy runs as long as the rain is falling down straight(not wind). I so want Botox,

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