Monday Can Kiss It

Between hating Mondays and his love for lasagna, Garfield is a pretty ideal cat

I hate Mondays. I mean seriously, they never treat me right. And I never did ANYTHING to them.

This post is looking for advice from all the moms out there. Specifically stay at home ones, but I encourage every Mom to chime in. Or heck, anyone. OK FINE, OPEN DOOR POLICY.

You guys. Yesterday was a trying day. I’m not going to lie. I felt like I was getting cabin fever, and it wasn’t even noon. The dogs were driving me infreakinsane. They would go out, bark at anything that moved, then would refuse to come in. An hour later, they would come in, and proceed to bark inside the house. I digress; as it is their natural guarding of the house mechanism.

The child. Oooooooooh, the child. I was on the brink of madness. Trying to write and meet deadlines, deal with the dogs; she was incredibly out of character today. No joke. It was so incredibly frustrating. If I hear one more whiny, drawn out “maaah-meeeee”accompanied by fake crying, I am going to lose my mind. Husband nonchalantly mentioned the hourly childcare we have here on post.


I would usually brush this off, grit my teeth, and not think about it again. I will admit that yesterday I looked up the number and location. I have huge guilt over this. HUGE, people. It’s bad. I stay home. I am the last person that should be using childcare.

Then, I spotted the reviews. 5 out of 5 gleaming stars. Plenty of reviews, all stellar, singing praises of this place. [enter MORE guilt, because now I’m starting to put the number in my phone]

The kicker? It provides a preschool-like environment. !!! Yes, my child will only be 2 in September. So what if she spends a couple of hours concentrating on numbers and the alphabet? Granted, we do this at home. So WHY am I still looking at the childcare site?

People. I need a nap. I need a nice, long LONELY run. I need a bath. I need a shower that lasts longer than a measly bird bath. I need to not be needed for an hour or two.

DO NOT get me wrong. I love my daughter more than life itself. But when I start flipping out over her pushing dishwasher buttons to the point of us both melting down – something needs to change.

Yes. I have running, I get that. Running that includes spending 30 minutes getting us both ready. Lugging around 60-ish additional pounds of baby and stroller. Running that almost always involves some kind of meltdown [her] and all too often leaves me frustrated and hating the situation. Tossed sippy cups, the wrong *kind* of fruity twist snack, a lost pacifier – it’s a lot to have on your plate for something that’s supposed to be an escape.

So – MOMS – childcare – yay/nay. Have you/would you. Am I selfish for wanting this a couple of hours a week??

Monday Can Kiss It

14 thoughts on “Monday Can Kiss It

  1. willrunforwine says:

    Hey. I found your blog through a twitter post to Oiselle about the rock n roll. I live in gig harbor so of course I had to pop over to your blog. I havn’t had a chance to look around here and get to know you better, but I wanted to say Congratulations on the rock n roll. Was that your first half? Are you planning on doing Race for a Solider? I work at Route 16 walking and running (maybe you’ve already been in there).

    I’m sorry I caught you in the midst of a meltdown. I hope your doing better this morning. I don’t have children, but I can understand your delema. Do you have any girlfreinds with children of similar ages that you can work out arangements with?

    1. Oh we definitely help one another out!! Friends I’ve made here are quite the blessing – I just feel bad always asking!!

      We *might* be doing Race for a Soldier. I am hesitant to do it, it’s two weeks before my full. I might let my husband have all the glory on this one 😉

      This was my 3rd half 🙂 I would love to check out Route 16 sometime!! I see you guys have wetsuit rental – good to know 😉

  2. Chris says:

    Non-mom here but I am a sister of a busy 3-child mom. DO IT. It will give you some time to yourself which will help you recharge, which in turn will make you a better Mom. Furthermore? It gives l’enfant some socializing, some different structure, and frankly, I’m guessing you can get boring after a while, too… 😀

  3. Oh, Natalie, once you get over the initial feelings of guilt, you will feel so much better if you put her in child care. It will be good for BOTH of you! Kara will absolutely love being around the other kids, and you will be a little “me” time. DO IT, woman!

    1. I am open ears lady! Coming from someone that definitely knows what she’s talking about, I can always use your point of view. Thank you 🙂

  4. GB (Silly Lillie) says:

    I empathize completely. Don’t worry, you are not alone. My youngest was 3 when we put him in childcare and I REJOICED! We did it because he needed to play with kids his own age (and not just his older siblngs) and it took him a while to warm up, but he’s been social ever since. He’s getting ready for Kindergarten this August. Anyway, the insane moments stick around, even when the kids are school age. I work from home and believe me, there are many, many days when I lose it because of all the disruptions. Trying to listen to bitching customer after bitching customer over the phone while my 13, 12 and 5 year olds are screaming at each other just plain sucks. And dinner time preparations while I’m working? Don’t get me started. We haven’t hired an in-house helper yet, but I’ve considered it. Personally I think your happiness and sanity are worth a couple days per week of help. Don’t worry about what other moms (or dads) would think… just keep your family’s needs in mind. That’s all that matters when it comes to you and your child! 🙂

    1. Ah, another comforting entry. Kara is a social butterfly as well, and we notice that she flourishes when hanging out with older kids. Dinner time has TANKED here – I never have the time/energy to make something I truly want too, and we’re stuck with ‘staples’. Good luck with the in-house helper, you deserve it as well!!!!

  5. Launa says:

    I’m not a mom, but I am a business person & your sister… So, here are my two cents. Just because you are a stay at home mom does not mean you cannot delegate when you need to. TAKE HUBBY UP ON HIS ADVICE, your little-big-girl will thrive for a few hours with the other children and the different structure. You have to do a test visit anyway, to see how things go. A sign of good leadership is that your ship can sail without you. Know your resources, so when you need to put them to work you have tested them out. A balanced mommy is a good mommy/good wife — a good leader, leads (they cannot do it alone)! Not only are you a mommy, but you are running a household — both 24/7 jobs — no one can perform well at both jobs all the time. Your time is MONEY sometimes you have to incur expenses to leverage your very valuable time. Lastly, your mental health needs nurturing and coaching. Your fitness, yoga & sleep are extremely helpful here balancing the chemicals in your brain. Know your mental triggers and plan ahead or around them. Expecting a stressful week — schedule the things you know help you balance ahead of time — so you can look forward to it while working through the stressful things, ex: a long run, a massage, wine with a girlfriend, reading, blogging. Love you, you’re an awesome mom and I admire you.

    1. LOVING your point of view!!! Love you lady 🙂 You’re definitely right, a chemical science is most definitely involved. My Tuesday was infinitely better; and the chain reaction was felt throughout the house [or so I would like to think, hehe!]. Good point on balancing out the schedule ahead of time – I never thought to do that, but will definitely do so from now on. 🙂

  6. Lorie says:

    Hey, sorry I missed this when you first posted it. I’ve scanned over the replies and I agree. It will be good for both of you. And you don’t have to enroll her full time to reap the benefits.
    Good for you – more time for yourself, more time to get stuff done, gives you a break, will also create time for you and Trevor.
    Good for her – she learns socilaizing skills, she gets in a pre-school environment (and schools are requiring more and more of students these days – I was in awe in the difference between what they expected from my youngest and my middle child – only 7 years between them)

    Granted it will be tuff on you in the beginning. But after the two of you get used to it you will find much more to be thankful over than what I listed. Having time for yourself will make you a much better mom, you will have more energy and more patinece. It will be well worth it.

  7. I could have wrote the post (about the long hard day!). My dog barks only when I’m trying to get to sleep (yah, I nap when the babies nap) and the rest of the time follows about inch behind me, I try to get dinner ready, there she is, trying to feed babies, change babies, get everyone out of their bedroom, I have to fight with the two of them And the dog!
    I say take the help! I will be putting our two into nursery school when they are 2.5, so they have a year of experience before going into junior kindergarten.If we could afford a sitter now I would totally take it, like you I only get to clock out for about an hour once or twice a week, all other times its the 24 hour job (that I love, but, still, it would be amazing to drink a cup of coffee and read in peace). sigh.

  8. You should definitely take advantage of the childcare here and there. I work 4 days a week and feel horribly guilty if I don’t spend those other 3 days with Jasper. It’s why I run at 430 am. Yuck. I totally understand the guilt thing. But if you do all your runs with the stroller, you really deserve a couple runs on your own. Plus, I think daycare is good for kids in some aspects. Jasper has learned some skills from daycare that we never had to teach him ourselves. The social interaction is really good for kids too. The frequent colds and viruses aren’t so good though.

    It is awesome that your husband supports the idea too. Just schedule a couple times a week to take her in, then go run or take a yoga class and you will feel much better when you are saying “no” to something for the 800th time that day. Good luck

    1. I was really hoping I’d hear your take on this!! I’m glad to know daycare isn’t the Hell everyone makes it out to be. Today has been better, I think I’ve said “no” only 556 times.

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