Finicky Fridays

The fleeting moment of happiness lasted all of about 43 seconds yesterday. Some lucky people are able to just be happy no matter what, and roll with the punches like a pro. I am not. If I am in a bad mood, I’m in one all day – it’s true, ask my husband. I am not someone who is bubbly and precious 100% of the time. Trust me, I wish I could be. I’ve tried. And like, ACTUALLY tried, not just weaksauce pretend effort.

Here are some things that make me cringe. Blame the mood on lack of chocolate.

– When my toddler is absent from my immediate vision and I hear THAT sound, quickly followed by an ‘uh… oooh’. Never good.

– The words “preggers” and “preggo”. Just… no. Please.

– Food companies that brand things “gluten free” just because. Strawberries are naturally gluten free, you are not fooling me, stop trying to benefit from the label.

– When Twitter doesn’t load.

Stop it. No. Bad Twitter, BAD.

– The way Candace is always trying to get Phineas and Ferb in trouble. No one likes a tattle tale – it’s not like they’re out doing drugs or maiming squirrels. Doofenshmirtz is the one that needs the babysitter anyway. Duh.

– This seems silly to complain about, but sometimes I get frustrated at how cheap and easy it is to be lazy. Why can’t salmon be as cheap as Ramen? I’m trying to stay healthy, so why do I have to have IT Band issues? Blah.

– Having to hear the dogs eat their food. Weird noises bother me to no end. Ergo, I am weird. [not news]

– Ohmygosh. Nothing makes me wriggle in my seat, more than a wayward hair. Feeling a hair trapped between your shirt and back is gross, and not being able to grab it, is even worse. Blech.

– When Twitter also does THIS


– Going to an article I’m interested in, only to have it show in video form. Call me crazy, but I would much rather read something I’m interested in, than have to watch it. Does this make sense??

– I hate telling my daughter that she can’t do something because she’s too little. She is in awe of the neighbor’s trampoline, and will cry when I don’t let her go down the big slide alone. She is too big for her britches, and just doesn’t realize it. I hate it because she wants so badly to do it, but I admire her for wanting too anyway – totally fearless. I also think a small part of me hates it because it means she’s growing up…

This is all I have for now, because if I start getting TOO finicky, It’ll just start a vicious circle. Nobody wants that. So now I’m off, and I promise to OWN my Friday. Just don’t expect a tweet about it 😉

Finicky Fridays

4 thoughts on “Finicky Fridays

  1. Emz says:

    All of it.

    Great post!!

    “preggers” and “preggo”.—-has always bothered me!!
    P & Ferb—don’t get me started.

    You. Are. Awesome.

  2. I have my own cringe list, people that eat with their mouth open, prego/preger is on my list, peopl that refer to formula as the “f” word, women who like to brag about how fantastic they are(lately it’s mostly women going on and on about their easy pregnancy,”sticking to their all natural birth plan!”, generally most sahms and I have not been jiving, I feel like it’s junior high all over again, and I can’t relate to anyone in my peer group…. Not sure if it’s the being infertile thing, or having twins when they have singletons….

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Loved this post.. I also hate watching a video over reading an article. And it is cheap and easy to be lazy.. that drives me nuts.

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