HOLD the flippin’ PHONE

OK. Wow. I’m tempted to give you a recap on the busiest week ever, but then I’m also glad it’s [sorta kinda] behind me, so I almost don’t even want to go there… but here goes. Imagine the following going on, with toddler crises left and right. For example, high pitched whining if Mickey Mouse wasn’t on; full on tantrums if she didn’t have the right color crayon. To be fair, there was also time where we ran around the house like crazy playing ‘chase’, we read books, and even went to the playground a few times.

Monday was spent on the phone, trying to get information, while also trying to piece together an article. Early afternoon I went to have my Health Analysis done. They did everything from flexibility to aerobic strength. Everything is “Fit” (of course I read this as, ‘congrats, plain jane!’), except my body fat, which is apparently at 39.2%. Is that even physically possible? I’m 5’6, and weigh 130 pounds. Do I honestly HAVE an extra 50 pounds on me??!

brain. cannot. process...

Tuesday I met with a good friend for coffee – that visit was LONG overdue!! We came home and hit the ground running with more work until spin later that night with Awesome Neighbor. Get this – we showed up to the gym wearing the same. exact. thing. I’m telling you – friends for LIFE.

Wednesday was way more low key, and brought tiny little blessings along with it. I’m going to try and ride the high that this day brought, because dang it, something has GOT to get me through the week. I finalized articles, sent them in, just as Neighbor Two Streets Away dropped delicious brownies off at my house. Um, heck yes. During naptime, I got caught up on blogs, and came across SUAR’s mind boggling entry. I then did something I very rarely do. I emailed her. I had to thank her. The post spoke loudly to me, and you should check it out too. THEN, I finally got to have ample hang out time with Awesome Neighbor, as we went to Costco for about an hour and a half. Raiding the free samples, getting the usual house stuff, and just meandering around the place with a great friend – it was such a breath of fresh air.  Definitely what I needed.

As an added bonus, SUAR even emailed me back (!!!!!) and I got a notification on Twitter today saying EMZ follows me now (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The excitement does not stop there folks. Dorothy even asked if I would be willing to be featured in an Athlete Profile blog post.

I could kick the blogging bucket and go to HTML heaven right now.

ANYWAY, that is what is going on in my little corner.

I should probably run, right? Or can I do a looooooooooong taper until Rock’n’Roll next Saturday?? Is it wrong to include “please, Seattle hills, don’t hurt me” into a nighttime prayer??

HOLD the flippin’ PHONE

4 thoughts on “HOLD the flippin’ PHONE

  1. Whoops, I mean exciting! I need to give a shout out to all the bloggy folks I follow sometime. I like Shut Up and Run too.

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