Oh, Silly.

You can make me pout and crack up all at the same time.

We were coming home from doing some routine grocery shopping – You were scouting the sky for “ah-nooks” [Chinooks, ya know, the helicopter] and I was singing along to a random country song on the radio.


“Yes, baby girl?”

“No sing.”


“You don’t want mommy to sing??”


thinking this is a fluke, I continue to sing along –

“MOMMY, no sing!!!!!”


You better believe she means business.

2 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Chechi says:

    Really? … Oh my! Love your writing and i’m so happy you took this picture! It says it all!!!!! lol —– Just for you to know… it brings special memories too! it sounds so familiar! —— But… let’s face it… you had a reason to complain… i love singing but i don’t carry a single tune! poor kids! what i put you through!… 😉 lol.

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