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So WordPress has this cool little function that will tell you what search engine terms people are using to get to your blog. I always come across a few and either laugh, shake my head, and sometimes they just confuse the CRAP out of me. I’ve been saving the good ones for awhile now, so sit back and enjoy.

“7 deadly sins cake” :: I can’t imagine anyone making a cake with the 7 deadly sins on it. Is the cake gluttony, in itself? Why were there 8 searches for it?! Is there a holiday?

“deadly” :: whaaaaaaa!? that’s just disturbing.

“vegan power gorilla” :: this is particularly confusing. Especially when I get this in return when I search for it on my blog. Again, multiple hits for the blog on this one.

ehhhh, ok?

“walking around like a gorilla at the gym” :: this one, I am particularly proud of. I giggle just thinking of this post.

“gorilla gym // gorilla man // anatomy gorilla // gorilla lifting logo // gorilla butt” who knew poking fun of gym rats would generate so many hits… !??

“humor for dummies” :: I don’t know if I should be offended or feel sorry for the guy trying to find humor on my site.

“contrast foot bath” :: Again, nothing comes up on my site from this, and I also don’t know what this means!

“sickly slug cartoon” :: what the hell is wrong with my blog.

“husband sleeps with hand on head” :: this made me laugh out loud. So glad I’m not the only one whose husband sleeps all silly.

“who invented the ice bath?” :: it certainly was not me, but I would love to take credit for it. Here’s some Do’s and Don’ts though.

“i was skunked” :: while I was fortunate enough NOT to get skunked, I do think that if you were to get skunked, searching blogs for advice probably shouldn’t be your first go-to.

“pizza cupcakes” :: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

“all the cook movie about smoothie” :: hmm. Must be a foreign film.

"chug coffee mommy" :: FINALLY someone who understands.

“ft benning hookers” :: …… what!??

“bff bath” alarming. Baths are not meant to be taken with bff’s.

“peanutbutterrunner” :: I’m honored, but her site is definitely worth visiting.

“wear my running shoes to sleep” :: now that’s hardcore. Still don’t know what that has to do with my blog though 😉

“give yourself a black eye” :: you must REALLY want to get out of work!

“witty triatholon comments” :: 1) you spelled it wrong 2) go here instead for some chuckles

“i eat three packs of chalk a day” :: DUDE. WHAT. YOU HAVE ISSUES. 

and my personal favorite

“i’m so over you status for facebook” :: HAHA. I don’t know why I think that’s so awesome…

Thanks for all the laughs 🙂 Now I play the waiting game for more searches 😉

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