Thankful Thursdays

It’s been AWHILE since I have done one of these, eh?? Ok, exactly 2 months, but who’s counting.

Here goes!

– Sebastian Junger. His book, War, gave a detailed account of soldiers fighting in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. If you’ve seen the movie Restrepo, you’ll recognize a lot of names and events – Junger directed this movie, alongside the late Tim Hetherington. Seriously the best book I’ve read in a LONG time. Simply amazing. I literally read it in 24 hours, and made me appreciate our military THAT much more.

– Mute buttons. For REAL. Like when your husband falls asleep on the couch watching the end of a NBA game, and you’re stuck listening to sophomoric late night comedy. *mute*

– Speaking of the NBA games that seem to never end… Thank you!! Because of you, the gym is completely empty on game night. Have you ever been to the gym the during Superbowl? Totally deserted. Even the employees where huddled by the TVs in the treadmill area.

– Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Why? Because my Tornado decided to Jackson Pollock the side door.

Ah yes. Toddler-dom.

– I would also like to take this chance to thank my husband for letting me basically take over the laundry room. I have an “I Love Me” wall, complete with my plaque from my old work and of course, my race medals/hanger thingy. I also have a running cabinet, which always has something falling out of it no matter how hard I try and keep it organized.

controlled chaos....

–  Working from home. It can be stressful and hard to juggle with being a stay at home mom, but putting my efforts into this definitely pay off. My paycheck might not be much, but I’m finally contributing something to the household, financially.

– The “Search” function on this page. Because of this hand dandy little tool, you’re not getting repeats of how much I love my Kindle, Rudy’s BBQ Sause, Disney, DVR, and anything to do with Texas.

– I am extremely grateful for having such good friends that totally get me. Jana and Danelle you guys are the best; I owe you both so much!!

– Our fish tank. I’m not going to lie, when we first got this, the only thing I thought to myself was “great, another chore” but watching the fish do their thang calms me and sets me into some hypnotic state; the same way watching the waves come in does. Total trance.

I belong near the water

– And finally, I bring to you my favorite song of the moment. I don’t think there’s an official music video for this out there, but I don’t really care, I just really love the song.

Thankful Thursdays

One thought on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. I HATE an empty gym…absolutely no energy, and thus hard to workout. Also, whenever we really get settled, I may get back to the fish tank. It is very calming.

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