Soldiers on the Homefront

Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples receives an award from the Sarasota County Sherrif's Dpt.


This story comes from Sarasota, Florida, where Staff Sergeant Eddie Peoples foiled a bank robbery.

 …the suspect who has been charged with armed robbery and is being detained by local authorities, entered the bank, demanded money from bank employees and left with an undetermined amount of cash. Peoples, who watched the whole situation transpire, said he knew he could not stand by. Staff Sgt. Peoples took matters into his own hands and single-handled taking down the bank robber.

Pretty gnarly stuff right?? Well, I dug a little deeper, and found a pretty detailed account as to what all happened. It sounds like something straight out of a movie – maneuvers in a car that included pinning and ramming, handguns in faces, and combat sport moves that brought the bad guys to his knees.

I just basically did a wrist lock, pulled it back, intending to use that weapon as a blunt instrument to hit him with when I realized it was too light to be a real weapon.  So I disregarded that fact, grabbed him in a half Muay Thai clinch and slammed him to the ground. I identified myself as Battle Staff Sergeant Peoples with the U.S. Army and he didn’t want any more after that.  He basically cowered on the ground and the police showed up.

How awesome, right?!

Here’s a video from Fox and Friends – it’s pretty cool, in my opinion 🙂

I gathered information from these two articles –
used the following photo from
and grabbed the video from the following–FRIENDS-110604
Soldiers on the Homefront

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